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im going to pick my car up tomorrow. (with the dyno #'s and everything :D hopefully...crosses fingers) the production version headers got in on monday night.. so ill post as soon as i get a chance to, and ill drive around for quite a while to see just how much of a difference i feel.

as for the other parts, the downpipe is not for sale unless there seems to be a demand for it. and the turbo kit has not started yet, but im going to talk to them about it tomorrow to see exactly when that project will be started.

oh, and ill talk to MPH about how you guys would like the prices a tiny bit lower. it is out of my control, but ill see what they say..etc etc. well, thats about it. ill be sure to keep everyone updated. i just dont want to talk my ass off without getting the results.. wish us luck!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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