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attn Steve Jarvis Wheel & tire guru

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Steve, need your expertise or any other knowledgeable individuals. Must apologize to you for incorrect info posted previously to which you kindly responded. DAZZ/RH web site says they have M5's in 18 x 8 1/2 front & 18 x 9 1/2 rears to fit my '95 Supra with 39 being proper front offset and 44 rear. Bought this size m5's, but deaaler slipped in 17 offset both f & r. I thought there was something wrong when they had to roll f & r fenders to fit only 235-40 f & 255-35 rear. Now I hear a grinding sound--wheel bearing? Took 2 wheels off discovering 17 offset. YOU WERE RIGHT WHEN YOU TOLD ME 9F & 10r. What would proper offset be for 9 &10? Dealer now claims they can machine off 5-6 mm to put within acceptable specs, I doubt this? ADVICE DESPERATELY NEEDED & APPRECIATED! THANKS!
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I would say between a 40-45mm offset for the front and around a 45mm offset for the rear. You will be able to run up to a 255/35R18 front and 285/30R18 rear.

Later, Steve

BTW "Tire Guru" somehow sound better than "Wheel Boy". :)
Thanks Steve,but need more info

Appreciate your help! You meant 45 offsets for 9 & 10 right? Any knowledge of stated 17 offsets c ausing wheel bearing or other problems? What about effectiveness of previously mentioned machining off 5-6 mm? Thanks again! Guru is better if, as I suspect, you're over 18 and not a boy anymore!
A 45 mm offset will work for a 9" wheel in the front and a 10" wheel in the rear.

Since I seem like an old man on this forum (I'm 35) we will just say I'm old. :)

Later, Steve
Thanks again Steve!

Thanks for the clarification on 9 &10's. Do you happen to know anything about this huge difference in offset causing wheel bearing or other damage? How about machining off 5-6mm off back of existing wheel for better, if not perfect fit? BTW, if it helps make you feel better, I'm over 50! Sorry I keep repeating parts of original question,but could really use some good info!
Wheel bearing issues usually result from extreme offset changes such as when a car is "skated". A 45mm offset is only 5mm different than stock or less than a 1/4". As far as machining the existing wheel, it could probably be done but I would not settle for this option. Keep in mind that machining 6mm off would still leave you with a 33mm offset which would be undesirable. You are paying a lot of money, they should give you the right product. It's is their job to know what they are talking about. If they don't then they should have to pay. The scary part is that I found that I know more about wheels and tires than most of the people selling them. You shouldn't start a business if you don't have the knowledge to help your customer. :mad: I will now get off my "soap box".

Good luck, Steve
Steve, Thank You Sir!

You confirmed what I suspected. Now the battle will begin. suspect small claims court is in my future! Thanks again for your help.
Good Luck, Steve
I guess steve needs a break now and to answer your q's please refer to where u can get all the info about the offsets.BTW the smaller the # the more outwards(towads the fender)the wheel would b and the higher the # the more inside the wheel would b from the fender wall.U need the wheels with proper offsets to fill in the fender gaps. Hope this helps.
regards. yasir
Steve or Yasir

What exactly is "skated"? With 17 offsets front & rear compared to recommended 39 front & 44 rear, is that enough difference to cause wheel bearing problems? Really appreciate your help guys! Embarassing for an Old Fart to need expertise of much younger guys! Oh well, it's proper results that count! Thanks Again!
"skated" cars are cars that have the wheels sticking out so far that they look like a roller skate. Your offset isn't this extreme, but it should never be on a Supra. It is very hard to tell if this is enough to actually damage your wheel bearing, but it's the wrong wheel period. :mad:

Later, Steve
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