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what's your odo at now? very impressive. have you been the sole owner? i'm wondering if you've run into any trouble along the way. engine, chassis, interior, anything...? the reason i ask, i'm pretty much out on my own now (just graduated college, no job) and i'm hoping i don't run in to car trouble anytime soon. my dad spotted me almost $2000 a couple months back for some car issuse (60k service, new tires, replaced serpentine tensioner and belt). well, you get the idea...

if you can, list any repairs/maintanence (and cost) you've done to your car on your way to 100,000+


oh, anyone else want to help, please add your repairs as well. thanks, all
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i am actually the third owner of my mkiv. some old lady was the original owner, then my brother purchased it, and finally i bought it from my brother.

if you just had a 60k tune up and everything is running a-ok right now, i'm sure you have nothing to worry about in the future.

problems that i've had in the past were both rear wheel bearings going out and a leaky water pump. i'm not sure of the price to repair the wheel bearings because i had my mechanic take care of it when he gave me a tune up at 175,000 miles. he quoted me $500 for the full tune up (timing belt, plugs, caps, all fluids flush/filled, etc) and he replaced my wheel bearings. as for the water pump, it started leaking at ~185,000 miles and it cost me ~$120 if i remember correctly. the rest is just simple maintenance like oil changes that i do myself and replacing worn tires.

the only problem i have right now is the squeaking noise in the rear. i plan to repair it later when i have some spare cash for it.
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hey ya my car has the same problem, im sure u know how to fix it, but just in case u dont they have the part # and problem in my other thread where i was talking about my car squeaking as well. Hope this helps!

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