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I need some help with diagnosis.

My stock setup was working fine, but started to fail on me last year. One of the major problems was that both the right and rear channels are gone. Basically only the left front door speaker and tweeter work. The reciever had stopped playing CD's and the equalizer buttons were toast so my assumption was that the channel outputs on the stock reciever were bad.

Yesterday I installed a new reciever. I finally found a wiring harness that worked for an amped Toyota system. It looks like this one.

The system went in without any issues but when I powered it on I realized the problem was still there. So now what? My guess now is that there is a problem in the amp area.

Here's the details. There does seem to be at least some power to both rear speakers, sub included, but I have to raise the volume substantially. When I do this is distortortion. I understand allot of this is probably because they are blown. My new ones will arrive later this week, hopefully this will help a little but Im sure the problem will still be there.
The right front channel seems to be completely non-functional.

I tried to look at the amps connections and everything seems to be snug and in good order with the exception of two wires. Both come from the front area of the amp. It's hard to tell, but I think they are coming from the wire that runs along the front of the amp slightly under the carpet. They are thin in diameter. One is white with a black stripe, and one is black with a white stripe. At least one definately has current flowing through it. Any ideas on these?

I will upgrade the amp eventually, I just would rather not do it this year. Any info you have on getting this system working without a complete amp upgrade would really make my day. I'm under the impression the harness I bought should work with the factory amp.

It sounds simillar to this:
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