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ok i think i need to chime in here!

how can u guys not recognize SoCal for what we are famous for?!?!!?!?!?!!?!?!? :rolleyes:

Mike Urbano was running a 2J in his MKIII and this year helped Javier drop a 2J in his MKII! this is not an uncommmon thing around socal! no tot mention Dean Marcums new ride he custom fabbed using a 1UZ V8 soon to be TT in his MKIII! Darian in San Diego is finishing up his 2J 750RWHP MKIII as well!

if u need a 2J in ur MKIII i know a grip of guys here who can do it for u! if u want it done right and all the parts available at GOOD prices i can hit up Urbano for u! but no joking around! ill only contact him if u are DEAD serious!
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