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"auto bpu setup for dyno run"

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did a search, and got tired of reading. can someone quickly tell me what is the best procedure do to dyno a bpu auto?

thanks carl
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sorry for errors. " to do a dyno run"
Yeah do what I did with my Trans Am.....pull up on the dyno and hit the gas when he tells you to. All that ice prep crap is useless info when you want to find out what you are really putting down when you are out on the street looking to kick some a$$. Get some a/f info ....that you can tune with.
Pull the track fuse, and then reset the ECU by pulling the ECU fuse and then puting it back in, start the car and have them get the car up to 80mph on the dyno. At 80mph have them start the dyno run. If you try to dyno an auto below 80mph the car will down shift to second and mess up the readings. You will probably only get 2 to 3 runs in before your intercooler will get to hot and hurt your readings then you will need to let it cool down.

Ice is only good to help cool the motor sooner.
good luck.
You dont have to go up to 80mph. Put the car in manual mode and get on it and you wont have to worry about it shifting out of gear.
If you run more than 17lbs. of boost run 100oct. unleaded.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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