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auto,sp57/small single, converter help

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i have an pi 3800/4000 stall,and it seems to be too much,well
i like the power but it seems to be too much at one burst,maybe
a 2800 would be more suitable for my needs,does anyone have have a 2800 and a small single ?

has anyone had this happen to them

i have tried new 285/40/17 with 300 treadwear and AA traction
and new 555 nittos
and because of that sudden burst of power around 4k rpm
this car just goes f#%$#ng NUTS ON DRY PAVEMENT

i have also 10in wheels with 48 offfset
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did you try wider rims ????
Have you tried the Nitto drag radials?? They are a much softer tire.

larry, i have 275/40r-17 nitto 555r drag radials on there now,
(2 week old) i have tried from 30psi to 14psi tire pressure,these
tires break loose at around 65mph! when the converter lets go
around 4k its like a damn slingshot,then tire smoke,now when i say these dont hook, this is from a 10mph roll not from a powerbrake

is this normal

Try ET Streets. Not the ideal tire to drive around on, but if you're serious about racing and straightlining, then try those.

Drive around on lower boost levels on the street as well. Crank up the boost if you're at the track.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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