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Auto to 6spd Conversion Advice?

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For those that have done a conversion or know about conversions on the Supra, I have a few questions:

1. What are all the parts needed? So far I know about
the shifter fork, pedals, shifter, drive shaft,
tranny. What else is there? I should be able to use
the rear end.

2. Does the conversion come out tight? This is a
concern of mine. If it's not going to be perfect in
terms of function or if it wears out parts because of
aligment/fitment issues, then I may not do this.

3. How extensive are the modifications to mount the
tranny, pedals, shifter, etc.?

4. Any shops in Southern CA that can do this and how
much does it usually cost? What expertise is

5. I have a mechanic that works on the car...would it
be okay for them to do the conversion if they have
never done one on a Supra before?

Just looking for some advice from those that have
converted or know about conversions.

Thanks for the feedback,

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honestly..i did much research on this..and it is MUCH cheaper to sell ur car and pick up a 6 speed. Trust me. You need an ECU, driveshaft, clutch assembly, clutch, differential,tranny, etc etc etc. plus it is EXTREMELY labor intensive. they need to cut a hole in the fire-wall as well for fabrication. Stick with your auto, or sell it.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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