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Auto v.s. 6-speed

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I'm in the market for a Supra Twin Turbo, and i'm deciding between a 6-speed or an automatic, Does anyone know the 0-60 time on both?, and also which one is better to have when modifying the Supra Turbo? From what I hear, the automatic is the way to go.
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Depends on what you want to do. For commuting/drag racing/street racing, the automatic might be right for you. For road racing and driving satisfaction, I'd only recommend the 6 speed. :)
I was dead set on a 6 speed. The hardest part is finding a supra, any supra. I got an auto, and couldn't be happier. The predictability is nice. The 6spd would be more fun, but all of toyota's tests were done in an auto due to better 0-60 and 1/4, or so I've been told
One of the mags listed the stock 6-speed 0-60 in 4.9 seconds and the auto in 5.5 seconds. This was with powerbraking. Once you go to BPU the the difference is much less and the consistancy favors the auto. You still have to ask yourself, do I want to ride or drive. :) 6-speed forever.

Later, Steve
I just got my 95 Auto with no mods and ran a 5.2 0-60 with a gtech. Most of my runs were in the the under 5.5 range just so you know. : ) note I was just playing and I hadn't really learned to launch a turbo car yet, but I was power and e braking and using the manu mode with traction contol button turned off and the trac fuse in. With just the letting the auto handling the shifting I was getting 5.5 to 5.7 0-60.

Oh yeah just so you know the car had 88,000 miles on it at the's got 96k now : ) No problem as of yet but the damn oil filter being a bitch to get to. I would recommend a 96 or 97 if you are doing your own oil changes.

I kinda wish I had gotten a 6 speed, but on the other hand I drive in traffic alot and it would have been a bitch...shit my foot gets tired just driving with the auto with my 1 + hour commmutes

hope that helps.
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