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Your MKIIII can be very competitive provided it’s set up nicely for auto x courses.

Been long time since we competitively raced scca in our 87 turbo and have no idea what these new classes are for these.

The one thing that put us at a disadvantage back then was the turbo.
It put us in the same class as the 5.0 stangs & camaros. We had a weight disadvantage against them but, set up properly we could hang.
They considered the turbocharged version of the MKIII’s as a modified car even though it was stock from factory.
Not fair then yes… but there were limited amounts of classes for such cars then. It was still a blast!

I would also like to hear what the new classes are now…. Just for curiosity sake.

Setup; Negative camber up front, short courses a tad toe-out, sticky tires and you’re set.

Go have some fun…..
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