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Automatic transmission question

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Fixed. Thanks Richard
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first to second is the weakest link, on the auto supra. I sounds somewhat like your tranny is begining to go. Have you ever pulled your track fuse? If so your tranny may start shifting like it does with the track fuse pulled with it in(trac fuse). You're are probably experiencing what I'm starting too. I'm hoping the tranny will hold up for a least another year but I seriously doubt it. Let me know the outcome though

good luck,

I second that. It sounds like the gubbins in your tranny are just starting to wear out. Not much you can do about it except hope it holds out as long as it can and then find a good deal getting it replaced. Sorry dude, that sucks. :(
uask4it said:
Need some help on this. I have noticed that my shift from 1st to 2nd or so it seems is getting worse. When I am on the throttle the car seems to bang the rev limiter one time before going to 2nd. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this and what they have done to help with the shifts. It gives me a pop between first and second. Any suggestions. Thanks Richard
If your trac fuse is out, re-install it, and lift during every shift. Sounds like your tranny is pretty much gone. When my stocker started to go, I thought I'd limp it for a month or so. It barely lastest 2 week before it stopped wanting to go in 2nd gear.

Call Larry @ SP @ 630-893-5002
Automatic Transmission

I've ordered a new transmission and its coming from Japan (ETA NOV !st) . I will have a brand new transmission and converter. I think I would rather build my transmission and sell the new one. I have already done a single turbo conversion and I don't want to go through a brand new transmission. Please advise. Thanks Richard
Re: Automatic Transmission

I agree with you. You should be able to sell the stock tranny on the parts trader to a "non-Forum/" type MKIV owner.

Then - like Ryan has suggested - have Larry and his gand at Sound Performance build one for you (and a nice high stall torque converter with a lock-down switch!) that will take the extra torque produced by your single turbo.

For now, just keep the boost turned down to prolong the trannys life.

I definently would not put in a new Toyota tranny and converter. They are not designed for 500 rwhp applications. Order a billet high stall converter (PI, SP,PHR) and one of the modded trannys (SP, PHR, Pro Tech).
Keep us posted!
Later, Richard
Automatic Transmission

Any suggestions on what to sell it for and where? I know what the dealership sells them for, if they can get one. I appreciate all the help. Thanks Richard
I would first talk to each of the shops listed above and see what kind of a deal they would be willing to make with you. They work on a great deal of BPU cars and may want to have yours on hand for another customer.
List it on the Supraforum and MKIV classified sites.
Will Toyota refund you?
I don't have any idea what your new tranny is worth, since I've only priced modded ones.
MKIV Supra Automatic Transmission & Converter

I have posted this on ebay and my userid is : uask4it
Here is the auction # 597179370
Why buy a new tranny? SP could upgrade your current one to better than new. Talk with them - don't waste your money on a new one.

Your symptoms indicate that the clutch plates are worn. I had the same thing happen. My tranny started slipping slightly at bpu and was quickly finished off by the single.

Steve "w/ SP tranny"
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