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Help guys , i have a Autometer Pro comp trans temp guage in the corner of my trans sump thats next to the DP , could it be picking heat up from the DP ????
as the reasdings seem very high , i have 3 coolers and it reads 210 when giving it stick , when it reads 180 i took a reading off the sump with a infra red gun and it read 60 degrees centigrade the guage reads in farenheit though and the coolers read 50 C !!!! what do you reckon is the brass union getting heat soaked by the DP heat ???


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How long have you had this setup? Did it always read hot? It is very possible that the down-pipe is causing some heat soak, but how close is it really? You could just try to put a thin aluminum heat shield between the two and give it a try. :dunno:
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