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Autopower rollbar..

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Has anyone installed the 4pt Autopower race bar in their mkiv? (the one with bolt in supports) Do you have any pics online after the install?

Im thinking about having on installed in my car and wanted to see how they fit, and if it interfered with the targa removal.

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From the bars I've seen the rear supports pass through the rear speakers. So you could still put the targa in the trunk.
Chris Johnson at Performance Motorsports in Austin Texas has one in his car and it looks BAD ASS!!!!!

Only pic I could find:

looks to me like Chris will have a hard time putting in his targa top with that nice blue bottle right smack in the middle of his trunk ;)
Chris Johnson and Performance Motorsports installed my bar. Here is a short clip of the bar in the car...
He does great work, I highly recommend him and his shop...
The last time I talked to Jeff Watson (races in ITE in TX), I asked him about autopower roll bars for road course use (IE, Solo I, driver schools, etc). He asked me the following questions:

  • Do you get to over 100 mph on the track?
  • Do you go on the track regularly?

If the answer to both questions is "yes", then skip the roll bar and proceed directly to roll cage. He has the autopower bolt-in roll cage and claims it fits well.

I plan on ordering an Autopower cage RSN.
Where can you purchase the Autopower racing roll bars?

David B.
94TT 6-spd
how much is the autopower setup?


Around $300

David_ I think you are looking for something else though.

Hey, Stephen

I emailed larry just today about the setup (turbo,fuel system and manifold). Still waiting for a answer. I think ,I will call tomorrow.
94TT 6-spd:)

I guarantee you will have better luck calling him (630-893-5002). Tell him I sent you ;) , he will be thrilled:D .

I think you are looking for something different than the autopower rollbar though. You find out any info about the one the guy in Atlanta was going to do for you? I got my wing yesterday. Figures it would come RIGHT AFTER NOPI :( . Oh well, I will have a different look next year;) .

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