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What is your First & Last name? Jose Maeso
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Ad Description:


Changed computer since the car has a new sponsor.
So the Autronic SM2 is for sale.
It includes all sensors and was already wired for 2jz(some cables were cut during removal)
This is a great computer far superior to the AEM.
The price is $850 shipped

Here is some info on the computer

Sequential operation for 2 to 8 cylinder engines.
Eight injector ouputs.
Four ignition ouputs (ignition expander available for up to 8 outputs)
3D fuel and Ignition maps.
User defined up to 32 RPM and 16 Load sites = 512 sites.
Eight auxiliary outputs other than fuel pump control.
Auxiliary outputs can be defined for boost control, nitrous oxide, staged
injectors, camshaft timing, AC, fan control, idle valve etc...
Traction Control.
Data Logging.
Compatible with Motec Dash.

Also MSD dis4 in like new condition
$300 shipped.

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can i get some more info on the ecu please
autronic is very big here in Aus
does it have the autotune function?
what version software is on it?
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