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Aviation Fuel

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Anyone here used avaiation fuel. I know it has some lead in it but most of these "off-road" cars are running without a cat right. What other parts beside the O2 sensor could get affected. The reason I ask is that a friend of mine can get avaiation fuel for less than $2 a gallon. Any thought?
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Do you drive your Supra in 100,000 altitude?
Get the 110LL (low lead) stuff. It won't hurt anything EXCEPT your 02 sensor which will most likely die pretty quickly running the stuff. Think of it like real cheap race gas.

People here are gonan chime in and talk about the reasons why the THINK it shouldn't work. I can tell you I KNOW personally many people who run it fine, for many thousands of miles.

You are lucky, most people can't buy the stuff. There are rules against using aviation fuel in cars. Mostly the reason is aviation fuel hasn't been given the taxes that auto fuels have.
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