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Does anybody on here use them? Falcon Azenis? Or has anybody ever used them? If so please give you opinions on them. Thanks in advance.

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You spelled azenis right. But the brand is Falken. Very reputable jap company. You need to specify which azenis you are talking about. One is the pure performance Azenis , the other is the azenis st115.
The performance ones. The main problem is they only make a 255-40-17 for the rear of our stock wheels.

I just ordered a set of 245/40r18's for my fronts...the price was right...we'll see how they turn out...they are the azenis rs's

My fronts are still like new. My rears are shot. i was thinking of trying these for the rear and leaving my Toyo T1S in front. Fronts are 2425-45-17 and rears would only be 255-40-17

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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