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back in the game

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woot got a new car its like 3 am and iv been up since 6am yesterday. great car thanks to all that made it possable. cory the seller for having a great car and being a great guy [all i really wanted was that trd plate cover the car was a bonus] push for drving me for like a million hrs. chase bank for taking all day to give me my money. my mom for yelling 'y are you geting another one of thoes cars1!!1 my dad for ummm i dont know but thanks. toney for rubing the fact that he had a supra and i didnt anymore. like i said at the beging of the year its 07 year of the 7mgte. thanks to all.:love: pics below
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mine is the black one
welcome back. Hope your new rides works out the way you want it to. Good luck.
thats grate man im glad ur happy u have a bad ass car man hope u have fun
mine is the black one
They both look good just get rid of the sawblades! :D

I hate sleepy eyes though :/
Sucks the headlights are broken. :(
woot just dynoed my car today at work and i put down 230whp and 270 lbs tq. this was on a dyno pack and they read low most of the time so im really happy.also this was at 8 psi of boost!!! ftw
2007 year of the 7m... congrats!
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