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I listen to everything so when I wanna beat the snot out of my baby I usually listen to Iwrestledabearonce, or some killswitch engage (metal screamo music)... when I want to just cruise i usually listen to old school rap like old snoop dog or dre.

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cruising i listen to anything really, i do listen to collective soul, creed, the cult a lot, driving fast, its screaming music, just got into as i lay dying, norma jean, august burns red, underoath. race against the machine kicks ass! killswitch hell yeah, and metallica rocks hard in my supra!

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August Burns Red-Redemption/Composure/The Balance
Stick to Your Guns(All songs have amazing breakdowns and positive lyrics)
Parkway Drive(All songs on Horizon album take life threatening driving situations to an epicly higher comfort level.)
Avenged Sevenfold(sort of an acquired taste more of a personal thing)
Children of Bodom(extremely fast thrash metal reccomend Are You Dead yet? album)-Punch Me I Bleed/If you want peace...prepare for war
Bullet for my Valentine(screamo)-Hit the Floor/Cries in Vain

Incubus(All songs loved em since I was a kid)
Citizen Cope-Bullet and a Target/Son's Gonna Rise
Slightly Stoopid-Collie Man/This Joint/Bandelero/Somebody
The Offspring-Gone Away
Depeche Mode

Aesop Rock(None Shall Pass Album)
Shwayze-Corona and Lime
Anberlin-Feel Good Drag
Framing Hanley-Lollipop
Asher Roth-I Love College
MGMT-Electric Feel

Techno Beats:
Daft Punk
Rob Dougon-Clubbed to Death

**My ultimate race song**
Guano Apes-Open Your Eyes

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Tech N9ne is always good for smashing.

Lil Jon has some good stuff, but his a little hit and miss and most of it is unknown.

KillSwitch Engage, Slipknot, Bullet For My Valentine, and Rage Against the Machine.

Just some of what's in my car at the moment.

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