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Bad Gas Fume

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Hi just bought my car 2 weeks ago. It has an upgraded fuel system installed by previous owner. The longer I parked the car inside my garage the stronger smell of gasoline fume becomes. Is this normal or do I have a gas leak?
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I don't consider it normal, though i've heard its quite common for most people. I've never experience any fuel smell when I installed my fuel system. I would check every single fitting on the fuel lines. Also make sure the rear sump is correctly seated in the tank as well.
The smallest leak would generate a very strong smell in a enclosed area. One of the biggest mistakes i've seen in fuel system installations is installing teflon tape on AN fittings, which can cause leaks.
Does your car still have the stock Charcoal Canister installed?
Does your car still have the stock Charcoal Canister installed?
Not sure. How do I look for it?
Not sure. How do I look for it?
Charcoal canister looks like this:

If you were standing facing your engine, it is located in the top left corner, next to the ABS Module.

Lots of people have reported bad fuel smells when going single AND getting rid of their stock charcoal canister, as one of its jobs is to capture the fuel fumes.
Also, check all the fittings to be sure they are tight. AN fittings often have to be TIGHT in order not to seep a little fuel. For example, turn on the pumps for a second, then touch every fitting with a Kleenex tissue and inspect the tissue to see if you're getting any seepage around the threads (the wetness will show up on the tissue pretty clearly).

You could also switch to race gas -- you can hardly smell a little race gas fumes in the garage. :D ;)
check the bulkhead fittings that comes out of the fuel pump hanger and make sure that it is snug and the o-ring is sealed properly

If that doesnt do it then start checking every fitting in the fuel system.

A fuel smell may be common but it's not correct
I agree. smell of gasoline=leak somewhere, ...even if its a small seep and you dont see it. Its time to go over all the fittings, from tank to rail.
Thanks guys. I 'll put it the lift and check it out this weekend.
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