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Bad Pressure plate or some other prob?

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Bad Pressure plate, tranny or some other prob?

My situation is this and it is hard ONLY from a DEAD stop.
The car will go into 1st whenever it chooses. This happens only from a dead stop its hard. I try to go 2 then 1 to get it in gear and it doesnt help. Sometimes easy sometimes it takes a lil work.
When it is in gear and i am driving I can go through all gears fine. I can do pulls and it doesnt jump out.
Going into 1st does not grind nor reverse or any other gears when its allowing it to go into gear.
On a slight roll it goes in easy.
Car off it goes in fine.
When I put it in 1st and it goes in, still leaving it clutched in pull it back out and try and put it back in it wont go, no grind, no nothing. Same situation I pull it out and try any other gear it wont go in.

I bled the clutch and same thing, didnt help at all.
Adjusted clutch pedal same shait, no help.
Using Dot 3 syn fluid, just recently changed.
Had this prob before also on my old clutch setup. Was fine at start.
Running an RPS 3200PP
had a WOTM disk
stock FW.

Got my flywheel resurfaced
new pucks on the disk
they took a lil material from the RPS PP but clamp load was just about the same as before material was removed not much difference.

Put new clutch in and worked fine just like the first setup. Started to break in and now its acting up just like the old setup.
Does this mean I have a bad pressure plate, or master?
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Hi Ryan.
For me it sounds like the clutch isn´t engaging 100%.. Maybe it is a slightly bad PP if you have adjusted your pedal already..
The signs are speaking for this rather than for a bad tranny. It could occure when the pressure plate is slightly bend or so due to "abuse". I had it once in one of my cars.
And the bend of the PP was barely noticable with only the eyes. Hope that helps.
anyone else have some idea?
changed the clutch master cylinder still doing the same thing. Only from a dead stop.
As I said...I bet it´s the PP... But let us know after you changed it.
Ok so i took the car out today. Put it in 2nd, revved to 5K and let the clutch out slowly. Did this 2x and viola she is shifting like butter again. Looks like the feramic disc worn in unevenly or slightly fused. Im not sure.
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