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battery and capacitor questions???????????????

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looking to get an optima battery for my car and capacitor! i am installing a new system consisting of 3 fosgate amps should i get the yellow or red top one optima battery also what capacitor should i get i have heard of this thing called the batcap is this any good or should i get the c.a.p. or what ?????
also whats a good cheap place to buy it from????
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OK go with the yellow top optima as it can be deep cycled hundreds of times (recharged) not like you will need to but cool to know that you can, as for a cap. I would get the C.A.P. 5 farad would be more than enough for that setup I think. Although they go up to 15 I think but 1 farad = 1000 watts 5 farads you know so I think that the 5 farad will suffice. As to where to get them talk to tom.
best one to get is the yellow top one the difference bettewn the yellow and the red is the yellow top is "deep cycle battery utilizes a different chemistry for the active paste material on the plates, and a slightly stronger acid. This chemistry changes allows for a much longer life in cycling applications, with only a slight reduction in power"
as quoted from there site!
also some people like the bat cap not sure of the price but i would invest in the C.A.P get a 5 farad one !
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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