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Battery Charger For car shows

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Does anyone know of some good strong battery chargers or something to keep charge to your battery while at a show?
HIN is comming up and I need something to power my battery, with my system and lights a small battery charger keeps overheating???

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i guess it depends on your price range
price really isnt a big issue, i just dont know what else to use...any suggestions are greatly appreciated..thanks!
ha...preferably something that is small and can be some what hidden..i guess no one knows :( ?
Yeah, what about swapping between two deep cycle batteries, and picking up one of those 15amp "emergency" start chargers.

Figure out how long it takes to drain your battery 2 volts while playing at demo levels.

Then post sign that says "Demos starting every hour for xx minutes." Once the demo is over, you can plug your charger back in, or swap batteries.

My installer suggested one of these to me the other day and mentioned a name brand... VERY compact and neat for just the purpose you mentioned.. I can email him and see... And no battery swapping.. Just a continuous voltage to keep the tunes bumpin...
thanks Brian, dont want a sign ill do that, but something like Roadie8105 said would be great..If you can get me any info on it that would be awesome

Thanks for the help!
Hey whats up man, yea that sounds cool let me know if you find out any info on it... havent heard from you in a while..are you going to be around HIN saturday night? ill be there with my car and a few others, another supra, skyline, evo..maybe ill see you there


Hey here is the link for the chargers that most pros use at the shows... VERY Nice CHARGERS!!! These definitely do the trick and look good doing it!!!

My installer suggested the 55 AMP for my massive system so you may could get by with a little less!! VERY NICE UNITS!!!!
hey thanks for the help, that looks awesome..what system are you running? Thanks again!
cascade power supplies is what i use at shows. They are the only units that are certified to be used at SEMA events. Vehicles are not allowed to have their batteries connected during events and must run a setup similiar to a Cascade Power Supply. Wiring is simple and even simplier if you purchase the option plug. If you can wire up an amplifier, then you can wire up this thing
is the cascade system something you have to mount or is it something you just put in whenever you go to car shows and stuff? If I have to mount it, what does it connect to and can I leave my battery connected still and just switch over to the cascade system? LOL I am lazy pretty much once its mounted I dont want to have to undo and redo stuff for every show
the actual power supply can be either mounted onto the vehicle or simply left alone sitting on the ground underneath your car at the event. the connector kit supplies will have a harness tapped into your power and ground cables. you simply connect the power supply to your harness, plug the power supply to the wall and you are set to go. if you choose not to purchase the optional harness and connector kit, you simply run 2-3 ft of power and ground cables to your battery terminals from your power supply and connect the power supply to the wall once again. be sure to choose the correct power supply for your amp usage.
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