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I just baught a supra 9/25/01 & me and the owner thought it was stock. buuut. Under the hood after i buaght it i noticed there is a Greddy/thrust manual boost controller "The Trust Variable Valve Controller (TVVC) " one web site called it. Is this a good way to go BPU?
It also came with a turbo gauge. I floored it on the way home in 3rd gear on the freeway the gauge was stuck at 1.1 Bar. When i put my RMM downpipe on it will i get boost cut? i think 1.1 Bar is 16psi. It might have a greddy bcc but how do i know??
Also in rainy weather do you guys hear your roof making squeaking noises? Is it the rubber bushings? Noticed when you are driving in angles only.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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