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I have 3 pairs of BBS race wheels. These are 3-piece wheels, super light and super awesome. One of the pairs has a different face bolt pattern than the others, so you will not be able to change that. But the other two have the same pattern and you can mix and match the barrels and faces to get different widths and offsets.

One pair is 17x9 +35, should be about perfect for the fronts. The other two pairs can be assembled in a variety of ways. I currently have them setup as 17x10.5+28 and 17x11.5+47. They can also be setup as 17x11+38 and 17x11+39 or 17x10.5+46 and 17x11.5+32. There are many combinations with these wheels and there are also people selling BBS barrels and lips that can give you even more size options.

Oh, I didn't mention how light these were. I only had them on the scales when they were both 17x11's, but one weighed in at 18lbs and the other was 17lbs. The 17x9's were actually heaviest at 23 lbs.

The faces on two of the pairs are very similar and one of the pairs has a different face, so that may be a downside for some of you. The pairs that have the similar face are the 17x9's and one of the interchangeable pairs. With that face you can have 17x10.5+46, 17x11+39 or 17x11.5+47.

Also with these, I have a set of A3S05 in 275/40/17 and 315/35/17.

Here are some pics of the 17x9's. The pictures are huge, so I will just post a link.

Here are the other 2 pairs.

Here is a picture of one of the tires.

These wheels could be ran as they sit or they could be cleaned up to look amazing. I really don't know if I want to let everything go, but money is real tight right now and if someone could use these for this season, I would rather see them put to use than sit around the shop much longer. I can get more pics later if needed.

Right now I would like to get $1800 for the wheels and $600 for the tires or $2300 for everything.

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