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bcc question

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ok, ready to purchase a greedy bcc on my supra.. would like to get info regarding what to expect once installed? how much psi increase will occur within the turbos.. (does anyone know on stock turbos what is the max psi?) what are the con's of having a bcc installed? will it shorten life of stock turbos? any info appreciated in advance... trying to make supra faster
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by the way got RMM downpipe and greedy's blowoff balve allready installed
Stock Supras push about 11psi of boost with a BCC, there would be no increase in boost unless a Boost Controller is installed. Then you would be able to get around 17-18psi max off of the stock twin turbos.
Having a bcc installed will not increase the boost your car runs. It just allows you to boost higher than stock and not hit fuel cut when you add other mods. If you dont already have a downpipe and exhaust I would say get those along with the bcc. With DP, exhaust and a bcc you should hit around 14 or so psi. Fuel cut is at somewhere around 14.7 psi I believe. When you get a boost controller you can crank it up. I wouldn't run over 18 psi on pump gas. On race gas I've seen up to 22-23 psi on stock turbo's. Of course that does shorten the life of the turbo's. I will only turn it up to 22 psi on race gas and at the track. If I just want to play around I keep it on 18 psi and keep it at 14 psi for daily driving.
so in reality I w/ a bcc I would not boost higher or gain performance?. I would just avoid the fuel cut right?. never have reached it.. BTW I do have the downpipe and the blow off installed.
Question how I know I reach fuel cut?

I sometimes change almost on redline in my auto and here a little explotion comming from my exhaust I think is the rev limiter.....How I know fuel cut been reach..I do have a bcc but was install by a performance place so i don't know for shure if its working...since there is no increse in performance until yo get a boost controler......
about fuel cut

I am an animal: and boostaholic in my car. The poppoing you hear in your pipes is in fact your rev limiter, fuel cut is an ugly feeling that feels like you just hurt your car, you will feel a dead stop in power like your trac controll just kicked in for good. If you feel it let off quick, dont be like me loose the race just give it up. Or follow in my foot steps ignore the the fuel cut activate the 75 shot inject it and take the v8 ls1 z28 on a 100 shot anyway then wait patiently for three weeks while your bran new 2jz-gte arrives from japan!!
HELP!!Where can I find install instructions for BCC as the MKIV site is down and I need them now! :(
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