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Beach Meet in Florida Sept 29th!

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Just though I'd let you guys know, there will be a MR2 meet in Fort Desoto Park in Tierra Verde, FL. I will be attending.

Heres the thread info:

Just as the subject says! -- Its time for that MR2 meet that everyone has been waiting for....

Date will be Saturday, Sept. 29th and we will meet up at 11am at Fort Desoto Park. It shouldn't be too hot at this time and hopefully won't rain. Wear beach attire and bring something for a cookout! We will have a food signup list when the time gets closer but this is just for all you people to mark your calendars, take off from work, etc..

Info on the park:

3500 Pinellas Bayway S.,
Tierra Verde, FL 33715
Park Office- 727.582.2267
Campground Office- 727.582.2267

The thread on the MR2 Forums (if you have an account):

I'll be leaving Daytona Beach with some people sometime in the mourning for this event (Haven't decided on a time yet). Anyone can come! If anyone is leaving from the Daytona Area let me know so we can all leave together 239-877-2504. We might be making a stop in orlando to get everyone together from that area!

First post :)

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Its this coming Saturday!
Since it takes roughly 3 hours to get to the park from Daytona Beach, I think everyone (in Daytona) should meet up at the ERAU parking lot(like we did before for the small MR2 meet we had) at 7:30AM.

It takes between 40-60 mins to get to Orlando from Daytona. So the Orlando crew meet up at 8:30AM at Colonial (State Road 50) and Orange Ave.

From there we can all travel to the meet.

Again my number is 239-877-2504 -Charles
Call me if you have any questions on where these locations are.

Please be gased up and ready to go at the designated times K thx

There looks like there is a toll road when I use google maps. So Have some money for the toll roads if they do arise.

This will probably be the route we will use.,0.040169&ie=UTF8&z=15&om=1
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