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Name: Greg Dingess
Email: [email protected]
City: St. Louis
State: Missouri

Up for sale is my 1997 15th Anniversary, Limited Edition, Hardtop Toyota Supra (118k miles). Title is clear. I’ve owned the car for a little over two years and have enjoyed every mile I’ve driven so far. It is my first Supra and everything you read from other owners online is true - they are amazing! The car was originally a NA 5 speed car that was professionally swapped to a non-VVTI GTE/V161 set-up by 2JZ Motorsports in Utah. That’s what these guys do - they know their stuff. If you didn’t know the car wasn’t an original GTE, you wouldn’t know the difference. Drives just like stock. Great BPU car ready to be a reliable daily or weekend car, or a perfect platform to start going for bigger power.

Here is a list of updates the car received when I purchased it from 2JZ motorsports in July of 2018:
Rebuilt 2JZ-GTE non-VVTI US Spec Motor
US SPEC stock twin turbos
New OEM 97 twin turbo 6 speed engine harness
Jspec 6 speed ecu - map based
New OEM Toyota oil pump
New OEM Toyota water pump
New OEM Toyota head gasket
New OEM Toilpacks
New NKG 6282 plugs
New breather hoses
New ARP head studs
New front main seal
New rear main seal
New cam seals
New valve stem seals
New valve cover gaskets
New lower radiator pipe
New thermostat
New timing belt
New Toyota red coolant
Koyo aluminum radiator
New Southbend stage 2 clutch
New OEM flywheel
New OEM flywheel bolts
V161 GETRAG with 34,000 miles
Stock twin turbo 6 speed Driveshaft
200mm 3.26 differential w/ Tomei 2 way LSD
Royal Purple Synchromax in tranny
Royal Purple Max gear in differential
New heater core hoses
2jz Motorsports catch can
2jz Motorsports street intercooler kit
2jz Motorsports modified stock twin piping
2jz Motorsports upper radiator pipe
2jz Motorsports 4 inch catback
2jz Motorsports 3 inch downpipe
2jz Motorsports intake setup
Twin turbo front brakes
Installed 6 speed sub tunnel
Stu Hagen 10k tach cluster setup
New ac controller buttons and lights
New recovered leather
New 98 headlights
TEIN coilovers
ISS 3 piece 18 inch wheels done in gloss black with satin centers
Engine bay painted and clear coated
2jz Motorsports abs delete kit
All engine bay parts powdercoated satin
Authentic RMM carbon fiber wing
RMM lip

Since I’ve owned the car, I’ve also added:
OEM TT rear brake calipers
Rebuild both front and rear calipers
Painted front and rear calipers
Stoptech slotted rotors
ARP front studs
5mm front wheel spacer
Stainless rear brake lines
New shift boot and e-brake boot
PHR oil cap
New front turn signals
Auto Extrude cup holder
Alignment & tire balancing

Video of me installing the new parts:

Video edit before the new parts:

I’ve loved this car, and if my circumstances change I will absolutely be keeping it. That said, I hope to find a buyer that will smile each time they open their garage when they get home from work like I have.

The Bad -
  • Because the car has a JDM ECU, the OBD1 port is not readable for emissions testing. If you live in an area that doesn’t require emissions, it won’t be a problem.
  • There is a small, dime size rock chip in the windshield
  • CEL triggers and throws two codes: 1) sub throttle position sensor (has been removed). The code is a soft code, so it doesn’t effect the performance, but when the ECU looks for a sub TPS, it can’t find one and 2) transmission speed sensor, same soft code as above and likely due to a sub par soldering job when installing the new TRD gauge cluster. Neither effect the car at all.
  • The car is in great shape for a 23 year old car, but it does have the few exterior/interior marks. The ones that stand out to me most are pictured, but I’m sure there are more minor ones around the car.
There is a lien on the car currently. If you’re looking for financing options, I’ve had great success with Woodside Credit in the past. The car has a $50k+ appraisal report as well that can be provided.

Car is located in St. Louis, MO. Happy to show the car, take additional video or photos and anything else a seller from out of state would need. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Full gallery here: Greg Dingess




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GLWS.. I personally know Dave at 2JZ Motorsports who does excellent work. Buy with confidence.
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