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Belt Question

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I noticed so of you run no p/s or a/c. What is the belt part number or dimensions to do that.
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I got the Dayco belt I used in front of me P/N:5060390. To use this belt you will you have to take your tensioner pulley to an auto parts store and ask for the same pulley except ribbed. Because your belt will now have the ribbed side running on the pulley instead of the backing on the pulley.

I think others have done it differently but that's how I got it done. Back running w/ PS now, so I no longer have that setup.
Thanks fstlane88, The belt number worked and they found a pulley that was a little smaller but the whoel setup works perfect. If anyone else is interested the part numbers are:

Belt: Goodyear-4060390

New Idler Pulley: Dayco-49017 76mm 8 rib
Good to hear, and thanks for posting the P/N, will help others out in the future.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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