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best 18'

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what are the best 18"s out there?

with wut size of the tires?

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I think my wheels would look really good on your White Supra. It is just a matter of preference what wheel is the best. From a performance aspect, there a lot of competition wheels that are light and strong. Do some research to suit your driving style or usage and make the decision from there.
I personally prefer mine. They are reasonably light and come in the proper widths and offsets to maximize the space in the stock wheel wells. I run 18x9.5" 50mm offset with 265/35R18's front and 18x10.5" 55mm offset with 295/30R18's rear. This is with eibach springs and no suspension mods.

BTW The wheels are SSR GPO Decolte Evolutions and there in my sig.

Later, Steve
In talking to a wheel restoration guy, he indicated that the best quality wheels right now are Kinesis and Fiske... best looking is what you have to decide.

YMMV. I have 18x9.5s (245/35ZR18 PZero directional) on the front and 18x10.5s (295/30ZR18 Asymmetrical) in rear...
I would have to say that the "best" wheels out there are made by one of three companies...
Fikse (which i have now), Kinesis (which I had prior to these), and HRE (which i've never had)
Hey Phil why don't u buy Racing Hart C-5's (rare wheels )off Steve Jarvis. I think the car he just bought has those wheels and has pretty good tires on them as well.Just a thougt !
Regards. Yasir
i was thnking about volkracing te37 (white) but it seem to be too common around.. don't think i'll go with racing hard c5 though they're goodlooking but they're just too heavy..

Volkracing.. Advan.. Schneider... 5Zigen.. etc theyall got some awesome rims.. it'll still be a while till i get the rims.. so plz just throw any thoughts..

I prefer Yokohamas AVS Model 5 or Mackin Gewalts.
How about Kinesis wheels !
Yasir :D
Volk TE37's aren't THAT played out. They look great, are light, and are strong. (forged)
Or you could get some Simmons FR18's:

These are 18x9 with p45mm offset front, and 18x10.5 with p52mm offset rear, tires are AVS Sport 245/40/18 and 275/35/18, NO clearance problems, and no fender mods.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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