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Best Clutch

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I have a 95 TT and i need a new clutch. Right now im at BPU+ and plan on going small single in the near future. Just wanted opinions on which clutch to get. I need one that can hold the power but doesn't rattle alot. Any opinions on the rps sprung clutch and lightwieght flywheel? Any input would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
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I don't have any answers, but more of the same questions. I am BPU with a stock clutch that is on its way out. Many people are telling me to go with the lightened flywheel because of the benefits of quicker spool, more power to the wheel, etc. Then others are telling me that the lightened flywheels rattle like a tractor. I still have not made up my mind.

My car is not a daily driver, so I am currently leaning toward the RPS stage 3 with Mueller lightened flywheel.

I had a lightweight flywheel (TRD Twin Disc, which comes w/ one)... hated the rattle.. sold it barely used, real cheap, and bought a new stock flywheel and an RPS Stage 3.

RPS Stage 3 engages more harshly but at least the rattle is gone.

For BPU I highly recommend an RPS pressure plate with a stock Toyota Disc... the combination should cost you well under $400 and is the same thing as the RPS Stage 2 / TRD Single Disc clutch... It will hold upto 550rwtq with ease, and has the smoothest engagement of ANY clutch out there (since it is basically a stock clutch... just with more torque holding capacity).

I second Andi's opinion. My rps stage 2 was incredibely easy to drive. I now have the stage 3 in the break in process with the stock flywheel and it is a whole new beast.

Just be prepared for some serious pedal pressure with that RPS or TRD single disk pressure plate.
I've got 1000 miles on a stock flywheel, rps pp and AZ six puck metal disk. It started out tough, but now that it's almost broken in it's becoming a lot closer to the stock set up, just a little stiffer. At first it was extremely stiff and grabby but seems great now. Fairly quiet with the stock flywheel once broken in. Real test though is how long it will last.
HKS Triple Disc.


How is the "clatter" with your set-up? Does the lightened flywheel make too much noise? Or is the extra noise worth the performance?
Another vote for the Stock flywheel, RPS Pressure Plate, WOTM disc combo. Love mine. Grabs well, and once broken in and you get used to it, it is not too bad.

supra400hptt: I don't know about your car but after breaking it in it is still is not even CLOSE to being stock. Maybe you have a lighter pressure plate than me. The one other person who drove my car onto the rollers at a smog test had things to say like "Jesus, that's grabbier than a truck clutch."

But don't be scared, with practice it is not a problem, except maybe on hills.
***becoming a lot closer to the stock set up***

Maybe I should clarify a liitle. The first couple hundred miles, the average person (wife for instance) probably couldn't drive the car. Clutch wouldn't slip at all leaving a light and I was having trouble with reverse. Sucker grabbed instantly, easing away wasn't an option. Now with 1000 miles, I think my wife could drive it in an emergency. You can ease away from a stop light and the car doesn't shudder like it's going to fall apart. Other than the stiff pedal, the characteristics of the clutch are now a whole lot more like stock compared to when I first put it in. Even the stiffness of the pedal seems a lot better now although most of it is probably me getting use to it. So far I definately recommend this clutch. Give it a 1000 miles and like night and day. Just a little stiff.
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snausa said:
How is the "clatter" with your set-up? Does the lightened flywheel make too much noise? Or is the extra noise worth the performance?
Yes, the clatter is there and it is loud. Doesn't bother me. Why should it? That is the cost of a high performance clutch . . .

there is no need to deal with clutch chatter or "on/off" engagement as seen with many puck style clutches. Clutch Masters makes a several fine high performance clutch kits for all power levels....from organic disks, to exotic high HP kevlar disks, strip puck clutches to custom app kits.

heres a look at the Stage 2 kit....good for basic mods, super long life.....

heres the S3....good for high hp mods.....

Stage 4 puck disk (pretty hardcore)

for more details and pricing please feel free to email me privately :)

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HKS 3-disc is the way to go. We have tried them all.

The HKS is a rebadged Tilton.

How much is the AZ Clutch? Can it hold up to 900rwhp?

I'd like to get a recording of what the chatter sounds like that comes with having a lightweight flywheel..
What about clutch masters??? Are they any good??.. I m thinking of going with a light fly. And I dont want to sound like a tractor!!PLease some one post a recording of the nosie on a light fly...

Dan said:
Yes, 904rwhp to be exact. It's held enough power to run [email protected] as well. It's also in a whole fleet of 10sec daily drivers all making 600-900rwhp. What have you run in your car? The HKS Triple and the Tiltion are not the same. Tilton makes the HKS triple though. Holding 900rwhp isn't an issue. A stock disk and RPS Pressure plate will hold a bunch of hp, it's how long it lasts at the track that matters. And it's $800 versus thousands...
I'm only asked because I may be interested in trying one. So its $800? What does it include? Flywheel, disc, pressure plate... everything I need to install? I have run a 10.8 @ 139 mph with no NOS, so I think your clutch should work. The HKS works beautifully for me so far, and it has taken quite a beating. The HKS is $1,550 + some OEM Toyota parts. I dont think its that bad for a daily driver, the pedal effort is almost like stock. And no slippage so far. But, if your clutch holds 900hp daily drivers, I may be willing to try it. I just hope $800 includes everything...


I bought the wotm disk. Was wondering what the puck material is made of. Also, ACT has an ad in the mags with a picture of one of their six puck disks that looks identical. What's special that goes into this disk that makes it last longer than other six pucks? Just curious. So far I like it and have been recommending it.

The question about $800: pressure plate and disk. Flywheel is another $438 + pilot/release bearings, flywheel bolts and seals if you want to change them. I spent about $1400 total. Maybe a little less.
I've got a car with what I'm told is the "AZ Clutch" in it. This puppy is a lightswitch! I'm told that when it was first installed that it was nearly undriveable it was soo grabby. As it is right now it shudders th ewhole car even on upshifts once I'm moving. The woman won't drive the car - she refuses to deal with the clutch at all. It seems to get grabbier as it heats up too - in traffic that's stop and go it can be a real bear. Revving to 2K and slowly slipping it out helps but then it heats up and grabs harder :( I'm actually worried about synchros in the trans. Car makes some interesting clicking sounds in 1st gear as I let off the gas or slowly step on it once the clutch has been released and I'm moving. I'm wondering if this is the flywheel but as a pretty new owner I'm not sure that this isn't "normal".

My hope is that this clutch will get better over time. Supposedly it's much better now than it was but I never saw it when it was "really bad". How many miles does it take to break in and what can I do to speed this process? Is the clicking normal? If not, what the heck is causing it? Clutch pressure feels decent but I think I feel a slight click through the pedal sometimes - overall no biggie. The clutch shows NO sign of slipping which is a good thing - I'm around 390RWHP and have seen 427ftlbs on the dyno too.

Clutch in my RX7 slips at high boost WOT and that just plain ruins your day! WOT runs in the Supra once moving are pretty solid with no shudder as I shift it hard through the gears :D

P.S. In reverse it does indeed sound like a tractor :( 1st can sound pretty bad moving it around in a parking lot between cars where you can hear it at really low clutch slipping speeds. Please tell me this will go away!
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See my post above. I'm at 1000 miles. It's a lot better. Only thing to do is drive it. Stop and go is best. I'm over in Woodbridge if you want to meet up and compare. I don't have any of the clicking you mention.
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