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birmy said:
I am not from the area but, I would try to go to places that are exclusive to the area, why go to a chain like Ruth Chris or Outback?

I agree completely, I want a restaurant that I cant go to outside of texas.

I went to texas land and cattle last night, it was very good. Looking for another steak house to try and a mexican restaurant with nice big meaty burittos. any other recommendations?

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San Francisco steak house in North Austin.

Mexican? Taco Cabana. Actually, that's just Tex-Mex, but it's still delicious. I've never had any better Mexican food besides TC.
My mom used to make good food, but now it just sucks. Check it out, it's a pink eatery, and they are usually easy to locate one. I think TCs are only Texas too. I'm not sure, but I've never heard anyone from out of the state talk about them.

Pappasitos is highly overated....don't waster your time. They actually put Velvetta cheese on their Enchildas, what a joke. First and last time I went their the water was better then the meal.

Oh, BURRITOS! A Million in Juan on East side has huge burritos, it's supposed to be good too. I haven't been.
2300 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, 78702 - (512) 472-3872

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Freebirds is good food.
Chipotle is good too, its a chain of Coca-cola so I am not too excited.

They are opening their 4th store in Austin!
1. Hancock Center (I-35/40th street)
2. TechRidge Mall (I-35/Parmer)
3. Bee caves
4. somewhere south austin

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Euphoric said:
Hulla Hut rocks! We usually start there before venturing to 6th.
You owe it to yourself to check out the Hula Hut, especially Friday's after work. Trust me, good food will not be on your mind!:D

I agree with Chevy, Taco Cabana is good stuff, even if some consider it fast food.

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For mexican food San Juanita has pretty good tacos on congress and stassney ln. Also try out little mexico on oltorf and s. 1st street. Travel just a few feet past oltorf it will be on your left hand side.

Italian: I've always like Carinos, Brick Oven, Vinnys.

REgular food: Bonedaddies...chicks and the food is pretty good actually.
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