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So I live in Omaha Ne and I have a 94soup with a newish bl67 kit with fuel.
Im using a Map ecu1.

There are only a couple dynos here and I dont really trust these tuners but one cause they mostly do domestics and have no idea what a Map ecu is.

So I have gotten the car tuned at the one place here twice. It took almost two whole days(not cheap!) cause the car kept cutting out and there was other things here and there that are still not really sorted out(cutting out under boost sometimes, and in between shifts) It made 650 ish but sitll runs like shit. Now it is studdering and I have the boost turned all the way down so it will run semi smoothly but you can her through the exhaust that the engine is not too happy=(

In summary I really dont wanna spend the money to have this guy scratch his head all day while he sits and tries to learn how to tune my car.

I want to go to someone who knows supras front and back and when the car makes a noise or bucks he will know exactly what the hell needs to be tweaked.
I know all the tuners in TX are like this but thats a ways for me. I hope there is someone in the midwest I could go to and they could get my soup running smooth and strong.

any help ins greatly appreciated!!!!
thanks guys.

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I think some of the guys on here like John Reed, Alpha, Justin Nenni, etc, can probably help you with the tune by sending them your calibration file, and giving them details of your setup. You might wanna try emailing one of them and see what they say. Also, you can remote access into PC's from any location now, so if you have a laptop and internet access while on the dyno, some tuners might be able to do it that way too.

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ryan just letting ya know. im prolly gonna go with the MAP ECU here pretty soon and im gonna get a hold of Obiwan (Ben) here on the boards, he makes trips up to Kansas City and he has tuned alot of MAP ECU supras. i trust him and think for me its worth the wait to get him to do it.

otherwise unfortunately our town sucks and were out of luck, cus mike obviously cant get it pinned down. sorry bro and wish you the best of luck!

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Always happy to help you out. Just let me know when your ready.


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