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Best sub for me?

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Ive got a 12' RF sub. I hate it.... I hate it with a passion, its the opposite of what I want, it only hits hard. What is the best sub for a guy on a budget. I want somthing that is clear and smooth, kinda like the eclipse, I dont listen to rap all the time and it sounds like shit when I listen to Trance.
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is it in a sealed enclosure or bandpass of some sort? try putting it in a sealed enclosure. my pair of jl audio 8w6 sound just right in a sealed wedge. hits the bass very clear.
Focal or Rcf
But rather expensive
here are subs that have super great sound quality and hit low and bump super hard...

adire shiva/audiomobile mass/image dynamics idmax

i recommend the shiva if you're on a budget...$115 shipped...awesome sub.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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