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Better Spark from MSD DIS?

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I was reading an article this month in Sport Compact Car. In it they are building a super 300ZX TT. Any they are planning to use the stock .40 gap on the plugs, to do this they are using a MSD DIS 4 and DIS 2 (2+4=6)with their ignition system. The ignition on the 300ZX sounded very similar to the Supra ignition (distributorless with 6 coils) and I was wondering if adding these boxes would allow Supras to run a stock gap under high boost. Cleaner burn with an increase in hp should be the results.

Anyone have any info.
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I have not heard much on the MSD for the Supra so much so as the HKS unit. I do know that the same effect also works out for DSM's. I would expect it works the same, to some degree, with all cars unless they had an equivalent DIS system that jacks up the number of fires per cycle, etc. I do know that it can kill stock coils if they aren't pretty tough.
I have a new MSD dis4 box in my don't need two boxes to fire up a Supra.

I don't know if I'd say to run the stock gap @ hi-boost..even with this box.

This box should help clear up any misses..etc...under extreme boost and hard running.

MSD Ignition
you have a haltech. it's different.

for people running on the stock ignition system. you need a dis 2 + dis 4 . it works but i would suggest wiring in diodes for each line going to the ignitor so you don't burn it out from a possible feedback loop caused by the msd boxes.
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