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So I truly believe this is the last revamping of my car. I know you guys have all heard it before but the car is exactly where I want her to be.
We had a head gasket issue that prevented us from making the race at super lap battle this year. We will be back out at buttonwillow early
next year to attempt to smash the record again. There are a few people and companies that helped pull this car together.

Boostlogic: By far this new turbo set up is incredible. Compared to the regular 67 dbb I had last year, the new billet turbo that Boost Logic is offer is off the shelf scary. 500+rwhp CA shitty 91 pump gas, 18psi, mustang dyno. Zohair is the MAN!

KBR performance: Karlo tirelessly wrenched on the car to get it where it needed to be. The car would not be where it's at w/o him.

GSC Motorsports: Greg's stage 1 cam gave us 30rwhp more under the curve than our previous HKS set up. This is by far one of the biggest improvements we had with the car.

MVP Motorsports: What can I say about Dusty that hasn't been said already. We asked him early on to support our silly dreams of taking a supra through turns and he's done nothing but provide the best service and support in the industry.

AMB Aero Design: Andrew (gixxer_drew) is a wealth of knowledge. His expertise and experience in the industry gives our team the competitive edge time and time again. ([email protected])

TEM Machine Shop: Rich turns out the craziest head work we've seen. The machine work along w/ Boost Logic and GSC gave us the power we needed.

HB SPEED John , danny and crew helped fabricate the brackets and ducting needed to cool the car and hold up the splitter. Thanks guys!


Matt Andrews: Our fearless driver has done so much development work on the car over the years that i'd be ashamed not to give him a shout out.
Mike Louie & Drew Kim: I don't know how to thank you guys for tirelessly trouble shooting the car till morning. Your support is always appreciated!
Leh Keen: Leh was kind of enough to offer to drive the car and graciously even offered his support to tear apart the head to get the car on the race track.
I can't say enough nice things about this guy.
Jason Liu and Evan Shiozaki: Thank you guys for driving all the way down in hopes to support the car this year. We will get another chance early next year.
Justin Nenni Justin spent countless hours working to get the car where it needed to be. Thank you so much.

If I forgot anyone , don't worry I'm just lacking sleep. I will continue updating this thread.

I apologize to all my sponsors for not being able to make this years race. We will be back once the motor issue is addressed and do our best at setting a new record. Video will soon follow.

Here are the specs.


3.0 L 2jz-gte
CP Pistons
BC springs & retainers
Boost Logic Billet 67dbb waterless turbo kit. (
GSC Stage 1 Cams (
TEM machine shop port and polish
Mocal 25 row Oil Cooler
PWR Radiator
Veilside Exhaust


Robispec - KW special v3's
JIC upper control arms
CCW c14 wheels 18x11 / 18x12
Yokohama Advan Neova ad07's
AP Racing 6 piston Front Brakes


AMB Aero Consulting
Modellista Designs Uchida Spoiler
Ridox front bumper, splitter, sides
Modellista Designs Diffuser
Modellista Designs Race hood
APR gt-500 wing
HB speed Fabrication & Ducting (


Justin Nenni - Motor (
Andrew Brilliant - Aero ( ([email protected])
Robispec - Suspension (

Photo by Robert Estiandan. (Rob, Thank you for taking such awesome photos. Look forward to seeing the rest of the pics.)


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reserved. to make fun of the rest of ur pictures... ;)

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results from super lap?

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Curtis, I really think this is the best version of Beyonce yet. Clean and mean... :yum:

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Great picture. So did you end up with the BL compound kit??

Devin P.
unfortunately we opted to go w/ the 67dbb billet because we were limited by tire not so much power for the track. the 67 was going to give us 600ish rwhp on race gas so no point in going over kill since the street tires likely could not handle more than that much hp before it got useless.

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Curtis, I really think this is the best version of Beyonce yet. Clean and mean... :yum:

Thanks man! i left the 747 wing off for you :)


didn't make superlap as you can see from above. next year... next year :)


The pleasure was all mine!

Pineapple Monkey,

Thanks man!


Targa is only removed for the ladies. ;)


Name the time and place :)


Just what's listed above. IMHO this is the perfect street / track turbo motor.


Track in Jan I hope.


THanks man!


CCW c14 track version.


You jackass ;)
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