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Will lowering tire pressure help with traction with these tires? M/R DR's on coming soon! I have upped the boost to (1.45 AVC-R) 20psi and the car is down right scary below 50 mph when I just punch it, Power and Traction mods are as follows:

Max Air Box w/K&N
3" DP
Greddy 3Row
HKS Twin Power
Titan Cam Gears
AVC-R (1.45) 100 octane
Unorthodox Pulleys
Megan Rear Traction Rods
Tie Rod Ends
Megan Adjustable Coilovers

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On regular radials I wouldn't go to low on air psi remember as you lower your pressure on a radial it cups the tire on the rim. On the flip side if they are over inflated it will wear more aggressively in the middle. Ideally what you want to do is lay down some rubber and read the contact patch and adjust tire psi accordingly. More than likely you just have to much power for those tires and need to get those new drag radials on there. Good luck
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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