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Hey, there is defiantly some thing wrong with my supra (it’s and 87 N/A 5 speed). I was driving home from work last night, merged into the right hand lane and all of a sudden I heard this like helicopter sound (sputtering, popping) and my car had no pick up and at idle the stick shakes violently. I stopped at the gas stating and filled her up ( she was on E, 15 gallons of premium) still nothing changed. I drove directly home and did a quick visual check of every, it all seemed ok

Oils fine
Fairly new spark plug/wires

I have no Idea what’s wrong it has been running perfect for months now, the only thing different was that Tuesday 4/2 I failed my emotions test under 15 MPH

HC ppm Limit 92 Reading 109
CO% limit .37 reading .86

So I cleaned my throttle body and put some Garneted 2 Pass emotions/ fuel injector cleaner stuff in the tank and just like it said on the box ran a whole tank threw and then as this that tank emptied I was (as I said) on the way home from work and swinging by the gas station when this happened Please help I’m not a mechanic I have no idea whats wrong can any one help me?

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Unplug the AFM and see if it idles better (you won't be able to rev past idle with it unplugged.)

If it's not that, to me it sounds more like ignition timing is off.

Will my Supra ever run?!!
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Tuesday 4/2 I failed my emotions test
It's always a problem when you fail your emotions test... at least we know you're a guy!

ANYWAYS... there are several reasons for failing emissions tests. You failed on your hydrocarbons, so that tells me that you're probably running rich (ie unburned fuel).

Don't always count parts out because they're new. I bought a new condenser for my first car, and two weeks later the thing started running like a bag of crap. After 3 months without a car and several hundred dollars later, I realized the brand new condenser (a $4.00 part) was faulty and the cause of all my headaches.

The first thing to check would be your AFM like hottscennessey said.

If that doesn't make a difference, the only other things that would affect idle and driving quality would be fuel, ignition, and compression.

To test fuel, put a fuel pressure gauge on your fuel rail or fuel rail feed line to see if it's in spec.

To test ignition, pull a sparkplug out, re connect it, touch the electrode to ground, and have a buddy crank it over. MAKE SURE THE PERSON HOLDING THE PLUG AND/OR WIRE ISN'T TOUCHING A GROUND POINT HIMSELF, OR HE'LL GET SHOCKED!!! If you get a thick hot white spark, your ignition is ok.

If you get this far and no answers yet, do a compression test and see if you've lost compression in one or two cylinders. If you have, you most likely have a blown head gasket between cylinders. This will cause two cylinders to go out, not hold compression, but you won't have any water in your oil or oil in your water.
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