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big problem

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my supra is making loud knocking noises i messed up i kept saying im going to get oil change later and later and now its too late or is it ? its making verry loud and embarassing rod knocking noises , can someone help me out ? what options do i have?
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Not to be mean, but you just asked this same question last week:

Rebuild it.
im going to get a rebuild then, i showed it to my mechanic hes like i need a new engine , i guess u live and u learn, this is my first car and since ive got it i learned alotta shit the hard way
oh damn how much is a rebuild? i just asked my mechanic the guy says almost 2000 dollars???
LOL which one is it? One thread says you'll rebuild, the other says you'll sell???

It's not $2000 if you do it yourself. Closer to $3-400(can't remember exactly..its been a while) if you do MHG, machined head/block, new gasket set, head bolts, etc...
you're an idiot:nono:
LOL I'm sorry, I just reread my post...I'm thinking BHG, not Rod Knock


***Puts on Dunce cap and walks away***
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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