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I was thinking of buying the HKS Cam Gears very soon and I still have some questions I need to clear my head from...

I have been reading that the 5bolt JUN Cam gears are better than the 3bolt HKS Cam gears. Is this true and why? I'm only gonna go BPU++ for now and I really like how the HKS looks.
What does this slipping really mean? Is it a BIG chance for it to happen or what? HKS is pretty nice stuff otherwise right?

Is it worth the extra money for the 5bolt JUN gears?

And finally, the most important question... How do I tune the gears or are they just bolt-on for the Supra TT? Any dyno results?

How much HP will they give me? I'm going to buy bought exhaust and intake...

Thanx in advance for all your time...

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You could probably get away with some loctite on the 3 bolt style.I personally went with the 5 bolt.On a typical BPU car you set the exhaust side at -4 marks and the intake at +1 mark.With this setup I knocked .3 off my 1/8th mile time and gained 1 mph.Id guess 10-12 rwp.

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