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BIG Question about turbos

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alright, i am about to get a supra....and i am going to modify it, but i am new to the inner facts...and i want to know if i can get a N/A supra and then put in a Turbo along the way after i modify all the piping and do stuff with all the cats.....annnnd if it is possible, what would be the best turbo to get because i want a BIG turbo, but also a quick spooling turbo like a ball bearing kind, but yes....please help me with this, thank you
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DONT Get N/a Supra not worth it cause the non turbo and the turbo models are way diffrent the engine isnt just a bolt on and here i got a turbo like the TT model there is where your wrong brakes are diffrent , compression is higher on the n/a and not many kits for the non turbo that can promise high output hps like the twin turbo model plus the TT come with leather and 17 in wheels the non turbo come with cloth and 16 mostly
speedracersupra said:
the TT come with leather and ... the non turbo come with cloth
Not true at all. Most every supra came with leather and targa.

If you are a decent mechanic and like a project and find an N/A for like $13,000 then don't be afraid of turbocharging it. I will have about $4,000 (a little less) wrapped up in my project and I should be pushing over 400hp to the rear wheels...
so, even if i sent my car to a fabricator with a good turbo, he wouldnt be able to put it in there?!?! and also...what kind would be the biggest turbo u could put in the N/A???....and if i were to put the biggest turbo i could put in the N/A what would be about the macimum HP range if i did as much as i could
There's DaveH & Soarer300 who have done it amongst others. Not impossible, not easy either. Although I'll probably stay n/a, (I like to fling an easier to control car), no one who's done it regrets it. :D Oh yeah, theres jelliman too!
putting a turbo in an NA? that's not smart...
replace the GE with a GTE
you can get 7MGTE's for cheap and it saves alot of hastle

or just go with the supra T like the guys are saying...cause the turbo comes with some drivetrain and suspension stuff the NA dosen't...i think, don't quote me on that though, but i know it's true between the NA and turbo MKIV's
but i thought that you had to replace some manifold stuff if you replace the engine to a gte which would make it as expensive, if not more expensive...but i might be wrong?? i dunno ..
im not sure what compression an N/A runs..... but if you don't lower it then ur stuck with very low boost........

If you do lower it then ur up for either L/C pistons or a plate or whatever else you may need.........

If you can stretch the budget, buy TT..........

Its the same as people who think if you turbo an S2000 it will go twice as fast........ prob is that they run massive compression so if you ran over 10psi with stock internals, then you'd be fuct on pretty quickly......... lower the comp down to that of a factory turbo car and it's back to normal almost.........

i'm not sure what prices are like over there, but over here to rebuild the engine to suit a turbo, then to add a BIG turbo and piping and intercooler and everything else, you'b be up for at least $12000(AU)
Get a TT because there is sooooo much stuff that you will have to do to get it to run an NA with high horsepower. Brakes, wheels, tires, no intercooler, smaller radiator and etc. By the time you get it running 400HP then you will have put in the same amount of money then it is to buy a TT. But if your looking for a good challenging project to do then go for it. But if your just looking to save money then its a waste.
want a project car? buy a junker mkiv at an an insu auction. there are 3 in the tristate area. youd save money and start with a good base turbo supra. thats what i plan on doing once schools out.end up spending around 16 grand for a bpu mk3 tt with 400+hp at the rear wheels..
the only reason i REALLY REALLY wouldn't get an N/A supra is

6 speeds= more fun :p

Just wait til you save up enough money for a TT instead of going the N/A then turbo route.
G the best thing to do is to convert tt to single t right??
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