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Hey guys I wanted to wait till I have everything in place but couldn't resist it! having most of the parts ready to put on this season. I've seen alot of Sexy red Supras, but theres only one Supra that caught my attention (Sfitts2380's) Supra. I love the stock body line and the painted carbon fiber hood. Yes I know it's coping his look but I'll do something a little different along the line. I'll have six of the carbon fiber vents exposed instead of four, also going with different wheels, sticking with the wings on my front lip and not shaved, and 1997-1998 Headlights with TSX Retrofitted Projectors. This is a progress cosmetic build and Project build so please dont move my thread on the "Build Project" section. Again its a Progressive so the Updates may take some time.

This build has been a long trip, also tons of modifications slowly. I made sure this build will be top notch quality with proper research.

My Supra: Plain and boring

Sfitts2380's Supra: (My ideal stock body Supra)

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threads that have helped me with a lot of research

GReddy Front Mount Intercooler Install -

Stock Twins Removal -

Supra Single Turbo Install -

Trac Pump Removal -

Fuel System Install -

Valentine 1 Install -

Supra HID Install -

Supra 1997-1998 Front Turn Signals Install -

Toyota Supra Service Repair Manual -

1993.5 - 1996 Dash Panel Restoration -

Do-Luck Rear Cross Bar -**With-Pictures!!!*

Do-Luck Floor Support Bar -!!&highlight=

Passenger Side Wire Tuck -

Driver Side Wire Tuck -

Twins Turbo/PowerHouseRacing Lower Water neck rotator -

OEM rubber trunk hatch stopper:
More will be added.

ARP Rear Wheel Studs -

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- Original Renaissance Red paint (3L2)

- Painted front bumper due to license plate holes, redone in PPG paint and clear 5 layers of clear (painted on December 2013)

- Painted guards (color matched) painted on February 2014

- Painted lower side skirt trim (color matched, also replaced all push tabs) painted on February 2014

- Tinted windows 5% all around, 50% windshield for UV ray protection (really does make a difference) tinted windows done in May 2012 windshield July 2013

- M&S Performance Whifbitz carbon fiber lip (Clear bra)

- 1997/1998 Headlights (TSX low beam retrofitted, Morimoro matchbox retrofitted fogs)

- 1997/1998 Taillights

- 1997/1998 Cross bar grille

- 1997/1998 Turn Signals (V-Led super bright white 194 bulbs)

- JDM clear side marker (V-Led super bright white 194 bulbs)

- Painted lower trim to gloss black again Jan 2015


- Sparco Milano 2 seats recovered in black Italian Napa leather with Scarlet Red stitching with supra script

- Sparco three point harness (Black)

- Bride RO/MO brackets

- refinished dash panels in satin black

- ProEFI intergrated Display Logger flush mounted and color matched

- MVPMotorsports aluminum gauge cluster bezels

- JDM carbon fiber three spoke steering wheel with red stitching

- Stu Hagen LED conversion for cluster

- TRD gas and coolant temp

- TRD 10K RPM tachometer

- TRD 200MPH speedometer

- I-Boost knob

- Original black leather back seats

- Do Luck RXB (Rear cross bar)

Electornics/Sound system

- Built subs in Targa compartment (Clears Targa top)

- two kicker 10"

- kicker amp

- sub surround

- Battery relocation to the trunk where old sub enclosure box was

- Pioneer AVIC Head Unit

- Valentine1 Radar detector

Engine Management:

- ProEFI 128 ECU

• ProEFI Intake Air Temperature Sensor

• ProEFI 5 Bar MAP Sensor

• ProEFI Fuel Pressure Sensor (150PSI)

• ProEFI Oil Pressure Sensor (150PSI)

• ProEFI CAN gauge modified for OEM dash looks factory

• ProEFI I-Boost knob

• ProEFI Traction Control

• ProEFI Flex Fuel Sensor

• ProEFI Wideband

Engine: Head/Bottom End

- Stock Block

• Stock bottom end 8.5:1 conpression

- Head

• Stock head

• GSC S2 274/274 Camshafts Intake/Exhaust

• GSC Power Divison Valve steam seals

• OEM shims reshimmed for GSC S2's

• GSC Beehive Springs and retainers

• Custom Catch Can, -10 lines, fittings from JEGS

Turbo Side:

- Turbo/Manifold/Exhaust

• OG RPS manifold modified dual wastegate tube recirculated , rotated collector

• Borg Warner S369 SXE Journal Bearing 69mm .91 AR

• 5" intake

• 4" downpipe

• TRD Gen2

• Power House Racing Oil feed -4

• OCD Works Billet Extended Drain -10

• Sound Performance Rear Oil feed block off

Cooling/Intake System:

• Power House Racing Drop down intercooler piping 2.5"

• GReddy 3-Row intercooler

• Stock OEM radiator

• Stock OEM fan shroud

• Titek Carbon Fiber cooling plate

• HyperTune RACE Intake Manifold Single Rail

Fuel System:

• Dual Walbro 416 E-85 fuel pumps staged modified stock hanger

• -6 feeds from tank to -8 rail

• OEM fuel filter

• Earls 10 Micron fuel filter secondary

• Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator

• Fuel Injector Clinic 1650cc Injectors

• Power House Racing reisistor bypass plug

• E-85 Flex Fuel


• HKS Hipermax IV Coilovers

• Titan sway bars Front

• Titan sway bars Rear

• Do-Luck Rear Cross Bar

• Do-Luck Floor Support Bar (Aluminum)

• TRD Strut Tower Bar

• Cusco Rear tower bar


- Rear

• StopTech ST40 4 Piston Calipers

• StopTech Drilled rotors (355mm)

• StopTech Street Pads

- Front

• Corvette C6 Z06 6 POT

• Lexus IS-F 14" Rotors

• Brembo Brake Pads

- Wheels/Tires

Street Mode:

• Wheels: 18x11 iForge Aero Rear

- Tires: 305/35/18 Toyo Proxes R888

• Wheels: 18x10 iForge Aero Front

- Tires: 285/30/18 Toyo Proxes T1 Sport

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Timeline of Mods:


  • H.I.D Bulbs
    Candy Apple Red spark plug cover
    Stock TT Wheels


  • 97 Turn Signals
    JDM Clear side markers
    25MM rear spacers
    27mm front spacers
    Rolled Rear Panels
    Shorty Antenna
    Tinted Windows 5% all around
    JDM Steering Wheel
    Deeper Trans pan for cooling
    TRD Bar
    Ebiach Springs Lowered Car
    1997 Tail Lights
    Carbon Fiber Cooling Plate
    HKS Hipermax II Coilovers (Replaced Eibach springs)
    Valentine1 Installed
    1997 Headlights
    Speakers Installed 6.5" all around
    1997 Front Grille Installed
    HKS Carbon Ti
    DBA rotors all around
    Hawk Pads
    Turbo Badge
    Refinished Calipers


  • Single Turbo

    • Cast Manifold
      Borg Warner S360
      TiAL Wastegate
      3" Downpipe
      AEM Wideband
      PHR Dropdown IC pipe
      ProCharger BOV
    Widen Stockers 11.5" Rear
    Head Unit
    Gun Metal Gray Powdercoated Valve Covers with -10 Welded Bungs
    Catch Can
    Titek Carbon Fiber Cooling Plate
    Rear LED Back Up Tails
    Kicker Amp
    STU LED Cluster and HVAC
    Custom TRD faceplates
    Tinted Front Windshield 50%
    Front Bumper Repainted and filled in (Had License Plate Holes)
    • Fuel System:

      • Dual Walbro 416 Fuel pumps
        -6 feed lines
        FIC Fuel Rail -8
        EGR Delete
        PTE 1000cc
        Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator

    TRAC Pump Delete
    Polished Intake Manifold
    Traded OEM Seats for Sparco Milanos
    Sub Box In
    PHR Polished Coolant pipe
    Sparco Seats Refinished In Leather
    Valve Covers Recoated In Carbnite Black


  • Repainted Front Bumper Installed
    Bride RO Rails and Sliders
    ProEFI can gauge intergrated into stock dash
    ProEFI 128 ECU
    Triple Pod Pillars Deleted
    OEM A Pillar Installed
    Wire Harness Deleted pins that was not needed. Left over from twins...
    M&S Lip Installed
    Sparco Harnesses 4PNT
    Turbo Kit Removed
    Short Exhaust Manifold Studs
    New Manifold Bolts
    ProEFI Modded Harness
    Candy apple red/Polished Washer set
    iForge Aero: 18x10F 18x11R
    Michellen Pilot Sports 315/20/18R
    Do-Luck Rear Cross Bar
    Do-Luck Floor Support Bars
    BNIB Center console
    ABS Fuse Wiretuck
    Z06 BBK, ISF Rotors, One Piece Pads
    TSX Retrofit Headlights and Fogs
    PHR Deluxe Slim Power Steering Reservoir
    TRD Wing
    ATF Built Auto
    Induction Performance FTI4000 Stall
    PHR Rotater water neck
    iForge Aero Rebuilt and Repainted
    Custom Catch can Exhaust Scavenger
    OCD Works Billet Drain extender 4"
    Dual trans Coolers installed
    Custom 5" Intake
    4" Straight Pipe
    Weld RT-S 15x10 Medium Pad with MT 295/55/15
    Evo 8/9 Rear Calipers
    NA Rear Rotors
    GReddy Oil Cap (Blue)
    Hypertune Intake Manifold RACE version (Purchased)

    Turbo Kit #2

    • Everything is Coated
      RPS Manifold with Modified Dual Recirculated Wastegates, Clocked Flange
      4" Downpipe
      Dual TiAL 44's
      Stainless Steel Braid Lines
      Borg Warner S366 .91AR
      PHR Dropdown IC Pipe
      BNIB Greddy Three row Core


  • PHR Rear Hub Rings for Weld RT-S with Center cap
    GSC S2 274 Cams
    GSC Beehive Springs and Retainers
    GSC Valve Seam Seals
    New Shims
    HKS Hipermax IV GT Coilovers
    FIC 1650cc Injectors Painted Candy Apple Red
    Hypertune Race Intake Maniifold runners painted Candy Apple Red
    ATI Crank Damper
    PowerHouseRacing Oil Filter Relocation Kit
    PowerHouseRacing HyperTune throttle cable
    PowerHouseRacing Radiator show plate
    TRD LSD 200mm
    Lexus GS400 3.26:1 Differential
    Weld RTS low pad 15x10.33
    Marks Engineering Cam Gears
    Marks Engineering Tunnel Brace
    Marks Engineering Subframe Brace
    Welded Timing Gear
    Borg Warner S369 SX-E
    150AMP Sequoia Alternator
    150AMP Fuse


  • New ProEFI Harness
    ProEFI Display Logger
    TRD Gen2 Exhaust
    Ceramic Coated Exhaust Pipes
    StopTech ST40 Rear Big Brake Kit
    Titan Sway Bar Coated Red
    New Sway Bar End link front and rear
    Deleted PowerHouseRacing Oil Filter Relocation Kit
    New Flex Fuel Sensor
    Refinished iForge Aero Wheels Chrome Lip, Carbon Black Center and Barrel
    New Tires Toyo T1 Sport 285/30/18 front Toyo R888 305/35/18 Rear
    ReRe Located Battery to middle of the trunk, right above the diff
    ReChromed Hypertune and IC pipes
    Deleted TRAC wires off OEM Harness
    Added Check Valve for Fuel Lines
    Oil Dipstick and Trans bracket made
    Project Kic R40 Lug nuts
    PowerHouseRacing Ti Exhaust
    StopTech ST60 Front Big Brake Kit
    3mm Billet Rear Spacer
    Wire Tucked Driver Side Engine Bay
    HID Relocation
    PowerHouseRacing Coolant Overflow Tank
    Titan Fuel Pressure Gauge
    Powdercoated PHR overflow and FPR Bracket Carbon Black


  • ARP2000 Headstuds
    10mm Billet Wheel Spacers
    PowerHouseRacing 40 Row Mocal Transmission cooler 13x13
    PowerHouseRacing Parachute Lever
    B&M Transmission cooler with fan 13x13
    Fluidyne Radiator
    New OEM Under Plastics
    Titan Roll Cage
    Titan Parachute Mount Kit
    AntiGravity RS20 Battery
    New OEM AC Lines
    New OEM Rear Wheel wheel Bearings replaced
    New OEM Rear Wheel Hub Bearings replaced
    1997-1998 Rear Speaker Brackets
    SupraStore 6.5" Speaker Brackets
    Focal PC165 Speakers
    Focal PC165 Tweeters
    Focal PS165 Speakers
    JL Audio Sub
    JL Audio HD 900/5 AMP
    JL Audio 12 Gauge Speaker Wire for sub
    JL Audio 16 Gauge Speaker Wire for sub
    JL Audio RCA Cables
    4 Channel RCA's
    Front Left - White, Front Right - Red
    Rear Left - Gray, Rear Right - Black
    Sub RCA
    Left - Black
    Right - Red
    Bosche Relay with Built in Fuse.
    Stu Hagen LED Cluster
    Refinished OEM Dash Panels in Flat Black
    Back Up Camera
    New AC Lines
    Pioneer AVIC-8201NEX
    Valentine1 Radar Mount


  • Bent 2 Rods and wrecked one piston Both Replaced
    Door Skin wrapped in black leather with red stitching
    CoverKing Satin Black car cover
    TwinZ Type II Skirts for OEM mounting Location
    97-98 tail light lamp failure relay box
    OCD Works Billet Differential Cover Gen1
    USDM 220MM 3.13:1 Rear End
    TRD LSD 220MM
    Weld RTS S71 Wheels Rear 15x10.33 7.5" BS
    SP F1 Manifold
    SP F1 Downpipe/Midpipe
    SP QSV Spacer
    Precision GT42 7675 Ball Bearing Turbo
    R&D Custom Fabbed 3" Hotside IC pipe
    New OEM Heater Core
    Evo 8 Calipers for rear brakes
    R1 Concepts Slotted Rotors for rears
    The Retrofit Source Denso Ballast for Low beam and fog light
    TRD Gen2 4" back to 3.5"
    SRD aluminum Belly Pan
    SPAL 1850CFM Pusher Fan
    replaced 97-98 Turn signal harness
    replaced AC compressor
    replaced AC Condenser
    replaced AC Evaporator
    BlackVue Dash Camera
    1997-1998 Master Cylinder

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came home from Elmhurst Toyota and saw a few boxes in my front door and put them in my room, I felt like a little boy at a candy store.


Opened up my 1997-1998 Headlights and theyre Damaged like I've never seen before! I got them off a member for $250 shipped. the chrome rings on the low beams aren't too bad so me and my friend are going to the bodyshop tomorrow to get them painted the high beam rings are going to be painted silver along with the fogs, and the housing is going to be flat black or charcoal black, also the Lens are fogged up so alot of time polishing tomorrow FML heres some pics here.


Oven Time


Both are opened now.

Passenger side Carnage

Driver side carnage

There they sit from Arizona Heat

updates soon to come!

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Update 3/5/2012

got my JDM clear side marker lights ready to install them! took me about an hour and a half since i refused to take the front bumper off so i tackled this with ALOT OF ANGER. who ever knew taking 4 bolts would be a pain in the ass? i would! having the washer fluid tank in the most craziest spot where you cant even put a penis size socket wrench in! so i had to take drastic measures..... BRUTE FORCE! you'll see whats listed down in the pictures and see what i mean. but for now enjoy the update! [I Highly recommend if anyone is going to tackle going JDM side markers please remove the front bumper since it will make it x10 easier for you].

JDM Clear side markers

Another closer view

1994 OEM side marker Passenger side

1994 OEM side marker Driver side

this screw was easy as pie to take off but inside lies a fire breathing troll bolt that waiting for you to fuck up, but no this time!

This is the side that took me about 45 minutes to mess with i took breaks inbetween since it pissed me off, but move out your side marker light by a little and you can actually fit a socket wrench in (make sure its a small socket wrench and a 8mm socket) you'll have enough room to turn it a few centimeters. once you do that its all in the fingers. you have to loosen it with your bare hands and GReddy (Trust) me it sucks. i apologize i couldnt give more detail pictures since i was struggling with this bitch.


oh by the way make sure you have a drill to make the slot a little bigger and the Rear bolt holder you hav to drill a little buldge out so it sits square

test fitment and screwed it back on. looks sleek!

now for the passenger side which wasnt that hard at all, the rear is a litte pain but make sure you have a 8mm with an extention to get that out of the way first.

here taking this fucker off again.

heres a picture of the widen center hole was talking about so it can fit in. also do the same to the marker light with the buldge

Fitment JDM TYTE!

a more out view.

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"Arizona heat"? You from Arizona? I think the painted hood will be sweet! Make sure you cut the wings off the lip

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Heres the is where she sleeps in... my Lab

and of course i couldnt resist not taking Engine Bay shots.

went with 194 Artic white LED bulbs and it sure does make a difference!

heres another

after finishing with everything I always clean up my stuff and kept the OEM marker lights for keepsakes.

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I decided to tackle the 1997-1998 turn signals now since all i was gong to do is mount them in. i seen MVP do the dremeling which i refused to do hurting my poor baby :( so i took a wild shot an drilled one hole and prayed that it would work which it did :D!


The turn signals (dont hate on my bed)

I know its hard for most people to get the top bolt but do this with a socket wrench and i dont blame you. since the nut is more opened i used a pair of pliars and it worked like magic. also make sure you get the sides they're both 8mm's

comparing the size of the turn signals and all i can say is holy shit its huge.

now workng on the other side, again use the pliars for the top and a socket wrench 8mm for the sides.

I really dont know why i taped my whole bumper got bored, but other than that i mainly wante to tape the holes that i was going to drill instead of scratching the bumper. test fitted the Turn signal.

the hole i drilled praying to the Bio Gods that i make it in her!

It Fits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Close up.

make sure you carefully tighten one bolt sequentially makes it snug better.

now for the driver side driled the hole and kept on praying.

look mom!!! no dremel lines!!!

heres a pic of both of them installed.

i took the masking tape off.. Jesus christ it was alot of tape.

have school tomorrow so ill do the harnesses on wednesday... wish me luck guys!

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.Update! 3/6/2012

today i worked on modifying the1997-1998 turn signals and daytime running light harnesses within two hours, alot of work but if i can do this again it would take me around 30 minutes. I did also run into a dummy slap and accidently cut the daytime running light harness from the car (you'll see) and had to work with wires that are one hit/miss, luckily i did get them right and the lights work and fuction correctly. finally i worked on the 1997-1998 headlight lens. Dusty, foggy and dirty as hell can think of, i read on a thread about Microchroming which i will do to restore the chrome rings instead of going silver. and POSSIBLY deline the lens... but thats all for now. Enjoy!

Got my toys ready for the mods.

heres a day time look at my car now.

got myself a TRD radiator cap OMG 30HP!

Replaced caps.

i like to keep my old items just in case if anything happens, you'll never know...

1997-1998 Turn Signal/Day time running light harness mod.

Tools needed:

1. Soder Iron

2. Solder

3. Electrical Tape

4. Wire cutters

5. Lighter for burning the wire covers faster (optional)

6. Hell of Patience due for being a solo project.

Cut the stock OEM turn signal wires, leave about a good length for use, you will replace the old turn signal connectors. so no worries

took the connectors off.

here you will use the black connector make sure you have enough wire to reach the wires from the engine, since i ran out of wire i had to cut some from the spare wire to get enough reach.

cut the wires off the new connector.

new turn signal bulb into the connector.

decided to push and twist/turn her in.
Sensitive content, not recommended for those under 18
Show Content

this is where i cut my wire connectors too short. [dont make the same mistake i did]

extended wires.

when you wire them its best to have the connecter lay into the bumper lines so you can have them "balanced". it makes it alot easier to solder as well... remember forthose who arent mechanically inclined or in this case electrically inclined match the colors.
GREEN Wire goes to GREEN Wire
WHITE Wire goes to WHITE Wire


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Update! 3/6/2012 Part II

Connected and taped.

Wrapped in electrical tape all around so it looks stock.

connected into the turn signal.

NOW HERES WHERE I MADE MY MISTAKE! DO NOT CUT THAT CONNECTOR AT ALL COST! i followed the MVP thread and i misread it! my DIY should be in there :p jokes.

heres your day time running light harnesses.

Day time running light connector with the bulb connector.

194 artic whte LED bulb


cut the bottom of the harness from the bottom day time light clip you will NOT need this connector

cut the wires and solder them. also tape them. remember GREEN goes to GREEN White/Black goes to White/Black!!

you will be using your old day time running light harness with the stick, cut the stick wires, the colors should be green and black.

connect the two solder, iron and electrical tape. again GREEN goes to GREEN, BLACK goes to BLACK.


got it!

Done! i taped everything so it looks stock.

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.Update! 3/6/2012 Part III

now on to the next part the Passenger side Turn signal and Day time running light.

cut the bottom connector of the harness. you no longer need the connector.

cut the OEM turn signal harness/connector off i wuld recommend cutting it where the connector is for better reach.

like so.

cut the day time running light stick wires off as well.

after cutting the old turn signals this is what you have left.

I honestly did NOT take pictures of the rest since i was in a rush to go to school for Philosophy, and my phone died as well. my sincere apologies i will take pictures tomorrow and update it with this part.

Took her for a spin today while shes in TTC mode.

Face shot!

after finishing with everything i decided to work on my 1997-1998 Headlight lens. these lens are Beyond dirty and crazy! i had to buff them twice. since my buffer is shit and really cant do much im thinking about Delining them.,and going with a microchromatic paint to restore the TRUE 1997-1998 headlight.

The Crimes.

Dirty beyond no belief! but she will be restored!

cleaned the headlight.

some headlight restorer.

nothin but some Bio jizz

eh could be better.

heres a better view.

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.Update! 3/7/2012

sorry guys today's been a bad day for me, feeling sick as ever and did a bad job restoring these headlights back to its former look. i hope Stephan can chime in for me to give me some tips, my taping skills SUCK. all i did was sand the headlights with 220 grit with a DA sander only on the flat surface and then hand sanded with 220-400, this is my friest time doing something like this and also this is temporary until i buy the chrome paint so i can fully restore it. [Flame Suit on]


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Update! 3/8/2012

Nothing much here i took the turn signals and day time running light at night time. Pictures dont do much justice since its from an Iphone 3GS, heres some pics of the retrofit thats going to go through... Teaser pics when finished (sorry for thread jacking).

here she awakens.

she waits for the next victim.

"Who dares disturb me?"

Angle shot.

Retrofit Teaser finished product! can't wait till i blast that beam of light out! (not my pics)


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Update! 3/21/2012

finally got insurance put back on her and went for a cruise. within two days i went on almost 150 miles! this makes me want to quit driving lol.

Got my fresh oil change after storage.

Met a really cool Evo guy yesterday he told me he works at a body shop and gave me a discount for my front lip costed me $139. he didnt take before or after pictures, but you get the idea.

Heres another.

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Please don't put 1997 anniversary edition badges on a 1994. Other than that I like your approach.

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"Arizona heat"? You from Arizona? I think the painted hood will be sweet! Make sure you cut the wings off the lip
got it from a member from Arizona Tony i hear the heat kills the headlights like this.

- Bio

I don't think you've reserved enough room :p... Lol ill be following this build for sure!
haha something like that :p thanks for the kind words!

- Bio

Please don't put 1997 anniversary edition badges on a 1994. Other than that I like your approach.
I've been debating on this and i do like the badging just cringe that its a 94 and what not but ill probably wont do it.

- Bio
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