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So long time no update, almost been a year since i did any. not too much has changed but I'll continue on from last year when i blew the motor up from a Drag race. she's back up and running but on Stock bottom end still. I'll update this thread through the day since I need to catch up on uploading and updating photo bucket.

Part 1: Fuck My Life.

blown motor, from a drag race. spun too hard, yada yada 30psi Sent it! drove the car back home on blown motor the day of my Mothers birthday, and decided i wanted to do a built motor over winter. but as life things got in the way and i had to be an adult i stuck with stock block again... took the car to Kyles house and went to town.

motor pulled out.

This doesn't look right

Downsized my brakes for Weld wheels once again..

Custom IC pipe made, also went 3" instead of 2.5"

Fitment, tight as fuck.

wanted to pull the dash out and have the heater core replaced since I had no Heat or AC for about three years. bringing her back into street car trim.

Door panels also refinished.

Cylinder walls were clean and we replaced two rods and one piston. the broken piston ripped off the skirt so that it didn't damage the walls. so no machining was needed. we put the new stuff in and sent it!

More Updates coming.

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Tuan, sorry to see the carnage.

▬ IC piping updates look good.
▬ 3 years with no heat/AC? Sounds rough
▬ Did you install a new dashboard into the car when doing the R&R?

Using Flickr for photo uploads may be advisable to Photobucket.

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So you took off the PHR Ti exhaust?

Did you sell it?

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Tuan, sorry to see the carnage.

▬ IC piping updates look good.
▬ 3 years with no heat/AC? Sounds rough
▬ Did you install a new dashboard into the car when doing the R&R?

Using Flickr for photo uploads may be advisable to Photobucket.
No, I got the new dashboard later on. I don't think i will install the new one just yet.

So you took off the PHR Ti exhaust?

Did you sell it?
I sold it locally to a friend who needs an exhaust. if he finds a boost logic he will sell it back to me.

Yes he took it off. Thank God! My ears are still ringing!
shhh you know its the best exhaust

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Hey guys,

Long overdue update since I last posted. after rebuilding the blown motor we replaced 2 rods and one piston then slapped her back together and ran it. so far she has survived all summer with Frankenstein parts. all is wellI started adding more stuff to the car that i haven't posted up on SF due to PhotoFucket's site crashing when i tried uploading pictures. Now I am using flickr to upload and am trying to get used to it. little frustrating but I'll get the hang of it soon. over the last few months I added SRD Metal belly pans under the car, added a condenser fan etc, redid some stuff nothing too crazy. I went back with a Drag wheel set up for future added horsepower. Also picked up a new Daily a Lexus ISF to the stable.

fullsizeoutput_1178 by Tuan Nguyen, on Flickr

the past year I've saved up buying parts left and right for the new motor build.

Parts List:


3.0 High Compression

98 USDM 2JZ-GTE Block with Oil Squirters
CP Pistons 10.5:1 Compression
Carrillo HD Rods with 3/8 Carr Bolts
Real Street Billet Mains
Kings Bearings
ARP 625+ Main Studs
Modified Oil Pump
Pure Automotive Billet Tensioner
OEM Asin Water Pump
OEM Crank
OEM Gasket Kit
Welded Timing Gear
PHR Digital Crank Sensor
Fluidampr Pulley


IGN1A Coils
Ported JDM Head (Unknown)
Ferrea +1mm Oversized Valves
Ferrea Beehive Springs/Retainers
Shimless Buckets
GSC GS2's 274/274
PHR Digital Cam Sensor


Precision GT42 Gen1 7675 1.28 A/R
Sound Performance SP F1 manifold with Twin recirculated Wastegates
Twin Till MVR 44mm Wastegates
4" Downpipe/Midpipe
TRD Gen2 4" Exhaust
PowerHouseRacing Ti Exhaust (when I just want to be loud)
3" Hot side IC pipe V banded


HyperTune Race Version Intake Manifold
HyperTune 90mm Throttle Body
12 Injector set up
3.5" IC pipe


Greddy Three Row Intercooler
PWR Radiator
PowerHouseRacing IS300 Electric Fan Kit


PowerHouseRacing Pick-Up Tube with Weldon Fuel Filter
Walbro 450LPH Fuel Pump (Primer Pump)
Weldon 2345A External Pump (Boost)
Weldon Fuel Pressure Regulator
Injector Dynamics ID1300 Primary Injectors
Fuel Injector Clinic FIC2150 Secondaries
Fuel Lab Fuel Filter
10AN Feed split to -8AN to rail


ATF Auto Stage 3 Trans
IP4000 Magic Stall
PowerHouseRacing Driveshaft
OEM Toyota 220mm 3.13 Rear End
OCDWorks Gen 1 Billet Diff Cover

got a lot of work ahead of me but it's nearing completion, I want to give special Thanks to a few friends who I met on here and some online etc. You know who you are!!

Since everyone paints their block Black or some crazy color, I opted to do a dark silver color, something close to Moonstone or Quicksilver.

Raw block fresh from Machine shop.
57257603374__7809DBEC-F707-4568-8B0B-881647E826D7.fullsizerender by Tuan Nguyen, on Flickr

Cleaning out the Galleys and cylinder walls
57257652118__5BB6549E-CA4A-46E4-BDFA-F0C19A8DEE0B by Tuan Nguyen, on Flickr

Close up with Real Street Mains (VERY NICE PIECE)
57257656205__E51223F4-4757-4CB8-8D4C-E9EA08447FDE by Tuan Nguyen, on Flickr

Painted Block
fullsizeoutput_1245 by Tuan Nguyen, on Flickr

Close Up
fullsizeoutput_1254 by Tuan Nguyen, on Flickr

Rods/Pistons Assembled
57265881121__4CDC34F2-7BAA-4BAE-84AE-16BD17C63693 by Tuan Nguyen, on Flickr

How much Fuel? All the Fuel!
57265948285__99913620-4AE5-490E-9151-4C508B0B5ACE.fullsizerender by Tuan Nguyen, on Flickr

installing Rings
57266069545__A476B9D1-4F25-41CA-AED9-0125ADB56022 by Tuan Nguyen, on Flickr

assembled now to check sizing for bearings.
fullsizeoutput_124f by Tuan Nguyen, on Flickr

installed main bearing, ARP 625+ main Studs, lubing up the mains.
fullsizeoutput_1256 by Tuan Nguyen, on Flickr

fullsizeoutput_1250 by Tuan Nguyen, on Flickr

Crank, Billet Mains in, checked Thrust
fullsizeoutput_124a by Tuan Nguyen, on Flickr

57266394712__17FC0ADF-4AF3-41FA-9245-7A3DBCE1A6AB.fullsizerender by Tuan Nguyen, on Flickr

Thats it for now, I'll be updating the thread more often now since I'll be using Flickr. motor should be done in about a week or two.


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So purty.


keep livin man, L I V I N
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Nicely done Tuan! Glad to see it still going strong!

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Hello, I haven't had much updates since busy as usual. but motor is in and everything. waiting to get the diff back and wire in the ProEFI on the ECU side. but i have some pics from when it was apart coming together.

mounted my PHR Weldon pump bracket under the car. it has high clearance so it'll never hit.
r3eyHSQ7TgmZP05tndQ2mw by Tuan Nguyen, on Flickr

PHR pickup tube with walbro 450 primer pump.
8PS8GfmDT5qeh6IDBPJEew by Tuan Nguyen, on Flickr

Trimmed some of the gas tank Tab to clear the -10AN fitting to get it to route smoothly. (-6AN Walbro Primer, -10AN Weldon, -8AN Return.)
cA4GvUqfQq6+vNkHd7n18g by Tuan Nguyen, on Flickr

USDM 3.13:1 Diff coated with POR15 was rusty when i bought it.
2lDDjY8+Qs+cBFft2nwJmw by Tuan Nguyen, on Flickr

IS300 Fan shroud from PHR with IS300 fans. originally came white but coated the shroud black and painted the blades black.
m4yDYpsHTlSVVZJDmQh4RA by Tuan Nguyen, on Flickr

Car is back home.
57690275773__20FA0F10-7E52-43A3-AC04-07C592BAAAFE by Tuan Nguyen, on Flickr

Much to assemble and do.
qaIV139lSUWeTrK4XyTo5g by Tuan Nguyen, on Flickr

Fitted a giant transmission cooler in the passenger Duct
NILVEO4aS0aB2kOrC0lqQw by Tuan Nguyen, on Flickr

pulled diff out.
osRunB1TT+uAe2Jticyqig by Tuan Nguyen, on Flickr

SRD Belly pans on.
z3GydkWtQpKtnoFn1gUsMw by Tuan Nguyen, on Flickr

Wired up 99% of the engine side. IGN1A coil relays as well.
fullsizeoutput_142e by Tuan Nguyen, on Flickr

Engine bay how she sits now. need to wire in the IS300 fan wires to ProEFI.
5LWssv0wTKOrIvJTgOx49w by Tuan Nguyen, on Flickr

Diff is getting built soon and should be in the car either this weekend or next weekend, I haven't been pushing the car around due to personal life matters. but she'll be seeing breath in June. shitty weather in Chicago still so theres that.

more updates hopefully with some break-in, tuning, and some mexico videos.


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Killer updates Tuan, she's looks good man and almost there!

Keep the pics coming whenever you can, helps keep me focused on getting mine over the last 10% of my build til it's finally cranking over!


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Holy hell dude, this car will never stop evolving. Impressive stuff, enjoy in good health

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Long time no post. kinda hard getting used to the new SF layout but im getting the hang of it slowly. 2019 was definitely a stressful year with tons of expected things and tons of issues. I haven't updated in a long time up hopefully it'll be a decent good read.

June 2019,

Problem #1

We were able to fire the car up with ease, trying out the AMSOil Break in oil SAE30, while letting it idle it we drove the car around the block then turned her off, drained oil and then added the 2nd batch of break in oil. now to really drive the car. Waited a week later for Kyle to come over we went for a drive, doing only vacuum pulls about 25 pulls, we did one boost pull and blew off an IC pipe, then I started hearing my rear end make a knocking sound, sadly with my new metal belly pans it required me to pull the bumper off. I fixed the intercooler pipe that night then went to bed

Next day comes I would be facing the knocking sound coming from the rear end. I drove the car and the sound would get more violent and violent, I jacked the car up, checked for any play in the axles and retorqued everything. went for a drive and the noise continues to persist. annoyed with the situation I jacked the car up, pulled the wheels off and tried to replicate the issue with the car in the air, disconnecting axles, loading the drivetrain up, no noise from the differential thank God.

so my next thing to rule was the axles. I connected the driver side axle back on and there was no noise present, so it lead me to the passenger side, I disconnect the driver side and connected the passenger side, put the car in drive and KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. it blew my mind that the axle I never had an issue prior would be the one I had to replace. luckily I picked up some axles from buying my 6spd rear end swap and replaced the axle, and all is good. I torqued and retorqued everything tight so we are in good shape, drained and refilled the diff fluid as well. so that's one problem solved.

Problem #2

About 100 miles in driving the car started acting funny like it was losing power in the upper RPM's I couldn't replicate it for the life of me on the highway. so about 4AM on my way back home it did it again but this time the car shut off, car had power, but wouldn't turn over. checked all connections and nothing, I had to wait about 5 mins then car would crank over again, strange.

weekend comes around, Kyle brings the tools and checks everything. we are back out replicating the problem. fired car up start up was great, idle great. as soon as we went for a drive around my block it shut off again. we detected there was no Cam Sync, I have new SRT Digital Sensors we swapped cam and crank sensors back to my original OEM ones. it fired right up, drove again and the son of a bitch did it again. confused as we are, we pulled the valve covers off to check tab was even on the camshaft still present, still there. we decided to get a new sensor and move it up front instead of using the rear. and the car started, idled, and drove perfect no sync issues. to this day we are not sure what really went wrong, but I will keep the OEM sensors.

A little off topic but I found this little guy after fixing the cam/crank sensors and the night of I was throwing trash out in a public dumpster and heard this little guy crying over a block away, couldn't help but to bring him into the family, welcome Supra the Cat. don't mind the pic I gave him a bath so he would be rid of any fleas and ticks etc. he's a big cat now 7 months later.

0C463EC7-43EE-4357-8CE5-A3D251A504C8 by Tuan Nguyen, on Flickr

July 2019,

Problem #3

Moving on we start messing with the tune and everything, playing with the injector phasing and staging the weldon pump to come in. we started having odd fuel issues with the weldon fuel pump sucking in air when its activated, still did it even with a full tank, having the car run lean. so we just let the Weldon run at all times and all was good till we ran into another issue.

After going to Mexico a few times doing a pull, then checking logs. the car demanded more fuel and this is with about 24ish PSI. we weren't getting linear fueling with the injectors, it would read the 2ndaries about 70% which is wrong. we entered the injector data correctly in ProEFI and still did it. at this point I just wanted to drive the car and ride around and enjoy it.

And enjoy it I did cruising with friends.

EBEB257B-3F7F-41D0-BEA0-647F5361A93B_1_105_c by Tuan Nguyen, on Flickr

August 2019,

Problem #4

Still trying to figure out the fueling issues with the inejectors my car developed a knock sound coming from the engine bay, checking everywhere I thought I hurt the motor, ended up my Turbine Exhaust BPS fitting came apart, I got a new fitting and fixed it up good as new. talk about major heart attack and anxiety.

September 2019,

I signed up for the OmegaMotorsports 1/2 Mile event and we were definitely on crunch time, my goal was to run 190mph in the 1/2 but knowing we will have issues there I'd be lucky to make a pass. still not knowing about our fueling issues going on we went anyways added extra fuel in the Map. to keep it "safe" goal was to do a test pass on gate then turn it up from there. we checked injectors swapped for other injectors, still did the same thing.

IMG_0933 by Tuan Nguyen, on Flickr

we installed this bad boy for emergency if my my brakes were not enough.

IMG_1291 by Tuan Nguyen, on Flickr

I swapped over to the PowerHouseRacing Ti exhaust to drop some weight from the car, pulled 2* of timing out. and ready to do our thing.

Problem #5

we get to the Half mile event and we do our first pass on gate 14psi. we blew a fucking heater core hose off and hot coolant go to and damaged the Neutral/Park sensor on the trans I thought my trans blew up because it would not shift being stuck in first, unfuckingbelievable. Pass #1 - 43mph. LOL

Frustrated I was I was eating in frustration while Kyle was fixing my trans sensor, whoops.

we filled the car with coolant, burped cooling system, tried again. would not shift. running out of time because the event was going to rain out. we called every local auto store if they had a sensor in stock, and believe it or not VatoZone had one in stock about 20 mins away, $200 later... got the sensor, calibrated it, tighten all hoses just in case, and racing we went.

did a test pull on gate spring. Pass #3 14psi did 144mph first pass with a shitty launch, coming back to check the log and seeing that It was doing pretty good, sky started getting dark and sprinkle, we added some more boost just for one last pass. Pass #4 we did 154mph, I decided to test and pulled the chute, it sure damn works and hits hard. we packed everything up and went home.

stopping at Panera we reflected on what was going on so we will tighten all hoses before racing, check everything over, and then check again.

Burnt Sensor.
59106829673__345A878A-2A01-43DD-96BF-EC5AD0E81AB9 by Tuan Nguyen, on Flickr

October 2019,

Post 1/2 Mile event after resting for a day or two it was time to clean the car and pack the chute, being my first time took me about 45 mins the annoying part was packing the spring launcher into the pack.

59096958754__F838CCD0-7E0D-490F-BA2B-5B1AC5285764 by Tuan Nguyen, on Flickr

later that night I decided to weigh the ole girl 3640lbs full weight with me and a full tank of gas not much weight reduction done other than a spare tire delete.

IMG_1676 by Tuan Nguyen, on Flickr

Problem #6

alternator power wire started showing some wear, my car started dropping voltage and I got stranded luckily I was able to bandaid it enough to get home. and replace it with some 8GA wire. I will swap to a 4 or 2GA wire over next winter.

59293387717__DAD61A69-5DE3-45E3-BEAD-DDED57D63F5C by Tuan Nguyen, on Flickr

Ending the Season

We finally got the injectors sorted out, now we needed to run a surge tank, so we will go back to the OEM Fuel hanger, run dual pumps with the weldon, one pump that runs all the time, the 2nd pump will feed the surge tank. then weldon will come on at boost. I didnt want to run anything in the trunk so it would have to be externally mounted. luckily, CodyPhillipsRacing has a Surge tank that's mounted right by the Exhaust little dangerous but I think it will be fine, I will have DEI wrap and heat shield.

Mock Up

IMG_2359 by Tuan Nguyen, on Flickr

IMG_2362 by Tuan Nguyen, on Flickr

since I don't really drag race I started to try it out and its pretty fun, on the street using the Dragy I ran a [email protected] on 24psi. still plenty to mess with this was on the cold street with full tire pressure. plan is to go low 9's or high 8's wishful thinking. may need nitrous to spool this turbo up.

that's it for now, I will try to update as much as I can this year. im sure im forgetting a lot. but it's been a long season glad we have most of the things sorted out. I'll post another thread on some of my photoshoots I had over the summer.


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Cool update

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Thanks for update Tuan, good to see you getting things sorted and ultimately enjoying the car!


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not much to update, winter is still shitty here but I picked up a few goodies, scored a Hypertune Intercooler thanks to my friend Casey. Ironically I bought his BNIB Greddy three row 6 years ago that's still kicking. but I wanted something more badass.

944EC454-AFD9-4590-A418-ADEFB0C45489 by Tuan Nguyen, on Flickr

next up I always wanted a TRD Hood, searching for an authentic one was close to impossible, also I do not like running a carbon fiber hood or fiberglass since quality isn't as great as the original and I refuse to run hood pins as they are not pretty to look at, also dealing with fitment issues would be a nightmare.

I had an idea of looking for a stock hood and cutting it up so I could run TRD Vents. ironically someone thought of that idea way before I did and with luck I found someone near me with it, so I picked it up. the hood needs some love and needs to be repainted. it is an Audi Red so its much brighter. I need to remove the Dynamat under the hood and will weld some studs under the hood so I can run Carbon fiber rain guards and another version where I can run a nice mesh screen to vent out the heat.

Maiden Voyage with the Homie Kyle

32A78D58-B213-44B1-ABD2-302D8B6C697F by Tuan Nguyen, on Flickr

testing fitment (should fit since its a stock hood)

0D343C32-771B-455B-AB23-AF1743DBD43F by Tuan Nguyen, on Flickr

it fits!

7FB6FD5C-11BC-414D-B22E-9E713B953CB3 by Tuan Nguyen, on Flickr

under the Hood that I need to work with in the future

DB396615-CEE9-40AF-AF3D-2432FB4144CE by Tuan Nguyen, on Flickr

here's a pic I took in the driveway, the hood does make the car look more aggressive, in love with it already.

1BEA682A-E5DC-43F9-955D-9D599952D30B_1_201_a by Tuan Nguyen, on Flickr

that's it for now.

next up is to fix my fuel system and clean out injectors, install my surge tank and I'll be on my way. quest is to go 190mph for the 1/2 mile event!
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