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Well this weekend I got bit by the upgrade bug…. Installed HKS super dragger, went shopping for coilovers / boost controller/ turbo timer/ and Down pipe. ( if there is anybody out there that has any of this they would like to sell cheap, drop me a line. )

The MKIV beast needs to come alive.

Any body out there can give me ideas about how to upgrade my stock supra 94 TT auto tranny so I can support 500HP?

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]I have a boost controller(new and used) as well as turbo timer pm me for the pics and info.

as for the trany read this.

soud performance.
Built Automatic Transmissions

Finally after months of testing and R&D we are ready to offer the upgraded auto transmissions for sale. We have spent many hours testing parts on a transmission dyno. We have also had many custom parts made just for this transmission: sprags, drums, bands, clutch plates, springs, valves. We are replacing any wearing part with new or upgraded parts. Other transmission shops are only upgrading 20% as many parts as we are. When we rebuild the transmission, it will be to 100% new specs, not just with some clutches and a valve body modification. Here is a list of what we are doing to our transmissions:

bushing kit - replaces ALL bushings
file a small angle on the pump body crescent
replace filter
buff drums
install custom-made upgraded second gear band with high-energy friction material
upgrade spacer plate and accumulator springs with custom replacements
flush and check all solenoids
replace low, intermediate, and overdrive sprags
install Raybestos Blue Plate clutches in the high reverse, intermediate, and overdrive clutch and add friction where possible
To ensure that each transmission is built properly to its full potential, all units are fully dyno tested before sale. Our testing is thorough enough that we are confident offering a six month unlimited mileage warranty on all upgraded transmissions, providing the following requirements are met by the customer:

Each unit must be used with a new or flushed torque convertor
Each unit must be used with an auxiliary transmission cooler
(note that this warranty does not cover hard parts like gears or sprags)

These upgraded transmissions are available for the following vehicles at the prices quoted with a trade-in of a working transmission:

4th generation Toyota Supra Turbo - $3,400
4th generation Toyota Supra - $2,900
3rd generation Toyota Supra Turbo - $2,900
"I have a a lot of time and money invested in these transmissions. Last summer I went through about 10 transmissions that were upgraded by another company. I know how disappointing it is to only get a few weeks of use out of a very expensive product. If anyone has any questions about these transmissions or converters call me at SP anytime." - Larry Prebis (630) 893-5002

For information on our SP Racing Torque Convertors, click here.
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