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It's time to get back to this project but still at the same pace. This'll be a useful reference with updates I can share in the future. Talking to everyone about cars and supras has gotten me infected with the mod bug once again - Norcal Supras!

Some things to note:
Yup, I'm in California. Everyone was right in warning me not to go with Na-t - so much of a headache here. It's time to fix it.
Thanks to all the shops, my dad who worked on it personally for a decade where it started at his shop, and everyone for advice over the years!
I hope to be able to be back for the crazy "cruises" and BBQ meats soon!
It's been over 6 years on a lot of these mods, so I forget some of the product names and specs.

Latest updates should be in this first post

DaveH Boostwerx Na-t 2jzge turbo kit
PT61 turbo
Map ECU 2 with John Reed's 100 octane tune from 2008
Stock tt fuel pump
800 cc injectors
Ets intercooler
R154 transmission with horsepowerfreaks bronze clutch and ACT pressure plate
Greddy profec b boost controller
Greddy Power extreme exhaust

Tt front brakes
Gixxer_drew front coilovers with koni and hyperco springs

Bomex sides
Veilside wheels and rear skirts
Whifbitz replica front lip
Suprastore short shifter

Parts ready to be installed:
Map ecu 3
Stainless steel line for...? I gotta check again
6.5" front speakers

Bigger fuel pump
Replace spark plugs
Coil packs and ignition upgrade
E85 eventually
Driveshaft replacement - something was worn out
Trd lsd 6spd differential way in the future

Latest pictures:
Treasure island meat 2013


down to one mod per year hehe
Front lip 2015


Or feel free to check out my website at

1,400 Posts
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Reserving space for more updates in the future

I was looking at a salvaged Rx-7 FD, but the sellers in SF (not Frisco or San Fran *shudders*) had this banged up black Na supra. A huge improvement compared to my daily geo prizm .
My dad and I did bolt-on mods at his garage - Clement St. Garage. Body work was done at TLC antibody to fix the dent that came with it when I bought it. The engine with the turbo kit was professionally rebuilt at Racetune when they were in Hayward. It has been worked on at Peninsula Prime Motors in Burlingame and The Shop San Bruno - both owned by buddies from the high school days.
It's great talking with people at FSR Motorsports and the body shop DTM Autobody in SoCal too.

Here's what it looked like back then.

Will look for the hooters grand opening pic from 2004 heh
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