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What is your First & Last name? Grant RIchardson
What is your email? [email protected]
What is your phone number? -Optional: 217-778-3083
What is your City? : Near Champaign
What is your State? : Illinois
What is your Zipcode? : 61864
Price: $OLD!!!

This is one rare Lexus that is sure not to dissappoint. There were roughly 50 black on black 5 speed SC300's imported in 96 and this is one of the few that survives. I'm willing to bet you WILL NOT be able to find another in this combination for sale anywhere in the country while this auction is going or probably for a long time afterward. I paid top dollar for this car 3 years ago bc it was the only one I could find with under 100K miles, it had 94K then. Now it has 110K, but drives better than it did when I bought it. When I bought this car I had it shipped to Illinois from Torrance, California. This car spent it's entire life in SoCal up until me buying it. Since it came to Illinois it has always been garage kept and never, ever been driven in snow. I have done my best to keep it from being rained on, but it has been caught in it a few times. I've driven this car 10 hours each way to Tennessee twice, and once to Las Vegas and back. I have no fear of driving this car anywhere, it is as reliable as the day is long. The majority of the 16K miles I put on this car in three years were on those three trips. I can't tell you how much I love this car and hate to see it go. I hope the next owner will love it as much as I do, and I'm sure they will.

Since purchasing this car I have...

Installed a complete Diazen Polyurethane bushing kit.

Installed new lower control arms.

Replaced the worn out stock shocks with Tokico's.

When I got it the suspension was sloppy and it was wearing out tires. There are no issues like that now. Drives like new.

I also installed a set of Volk GT-C wheels. I bought these wheels brand new for $2000. The cneter caps were another $100 and the lug nuts were yet another $100. The fronts are 18x9 the rears are 18x10. There is no curb rash on these wheels. One front wheel has a dink on the lip smaller than your pinky nail. I had it sitting on the ground under the car and accidently (like an idiot) sat the lift arm down on it. The wheel IS NOT bent, just a TINY spot on the lip.

This Lexus has brand new tires on it! Less than 1000 miles on them!! The front tires are Nexen 245/40/18 and the rears are Nexen 275/35/18.

The only modifications to this car other than the wheels is I installed an IS300 steering wheel and an SC400 trunk lid with spoiler. The IS wheel utilizes the IS300 airbag and cruise control stalk, all of which function as they should. The IS wheel is much more attractive than the stock SC wheel, which I still have and is included with this car. The trunk lid and spoiler are from a 92-96 black Lexus SC400. I have the origonal trunk lid without spoiler that came on this car and it is included with the putchase of the vehicle.

Lastly, I replaced the interior upper door panels. This is the part of the door panel that surrounds the door glass on the inside of the car. These are ALWAYS cracked. Like other SC's mine were so I purchased new ones from Lexus for just shy of $700 for the pair. Thise will last another 13 years or more if you take care of cars like I do.

I bought this car with the intention of swapping in a Supra twin turbo engine and Getrag 6 speed transmission. It is a perfect candidate for that swap still, though it may be a shame to modify such a rare origonal car. I piled up a lot of parts for that swap, but backed out before ever loosening a single bolt or nut on this car.

The carfax report for this car may show the mileage to be incorrect. 110,000 is the actual, origonal mileage. On 7-22-04 Lexus of Santa Monica serviced this car and mistakenly entered 98,132 into their computer after handwriting 78,132 onto their repair order paperwork. I have a letter from the verifying this, which of course will be included with the purchase of this car. I also have a copie of the repair order in question that is included with the purchase of this car.

I should add that everything on this car functions as it should. All climate control lights and instrument cluster lights are operational. All head, tail, and turn lamps are functional. AC blows cold. Heat blows hot. All power windows and door locks work. Disc changer works, and stereo still sounds great. I do not know if the tape deck works as I don't have any tapes!!

The bad...Ususal dings and scratches one would expect on a 13 year old car. One tear in each front seat. Hood and front bumper have rock chips and could use a repaint. One cig burn in headliner, I have another headliner that is included with the putchase of this car.

Extras... I have two fiberglass front bumper spoilers, one new, one used. I also have a used Garrett GT40 R turbo.

EDIT: This is a copy/paste of the ebay auction, car can be viewed or bid on there as well. Will gladly end auction early for a SF member. PM me for a link to the auction if you want it.


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Bump for you Grant.

This car is very clean as I have seen it in person since she was the twin to my beloved black on black 5spd.

I miss my car tons and wish I had funding to buy this one but since I can't I can tell you that the new owner will not at all have any regrets on buying this sweet sc300.

G/L with the sale but this car sells itself!!
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