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IHere's my POS. Previously owned/parted out by Clint G. When I heard he was parting it out, I couldn't help but think about what happened to his old gray car RIP and I couldn't let that happen to this one so I decided to buy the shell and save it from a sure death. I picked up a 1JZ August of 2012 with the intention of putting it in my white 87 but plans changed and the motor has been sitting ever since. Now I am just trying to piece together the swap and get this thing back on the road.
Enjoy! :bigok:

Car info:
1989 Turbo 5 Speed Targa 126K miles

Black Ruby Pearl
Euro Clear/Amber turn signals
Euro Manual Folding Mirrors
JZA70 Front Lip
JZA70 Bubble Side Markers
JZA70 2.5 Twin Turbo R Trim
2.5 Twin Turbo Grille Badge
JDM LED Tail Lights
JDM Yellow Fog Lights
Bomex Whale Tail
Rear Sunshade
New Windshield
New Tint

JZA70 TT-R Recaro Interior
JZA70 Floor Mats
JZA70 Rear Carpet
JZA70 Limited Steering Wheel
JZA70 Tach
HKB Boss Hub
Nardi Classic Wheel
Fiberglass Center Bezel
Carbon Fiber Arm rest
Stock Cluster W/ Voltmeter
Dual A-Pillar pod
Apexi Boost Gauge
Apexi Exhaust Temp Gauge
Innovative Wideband
Pro Sport Water temp

Solid mounts
Borg Warner S256
Twin Scroll Chinafold
HKS 50mm Waste Gate
3" Downpipe
24x12x3 FMIC
3" Intercooler Piping
Tail BOV
Aeromotive AFPR

Cooling System:
Koyo OEM Radiator
Apexi Cap
2JZ Fan/Clutch
2JZ Water Pump

Poly Mount
JZ Bellhousing
JZ Flywheel
Spec Pressure Plate
Spec 6 Puck
1992 Weir Maxgrip kit #2 Built rear end

JIC Magic Coilovers
New Steering Rack
New Bushings
Drilled/ Slotted Rotors
ADR Cypher Wheels
18 x 8.5 (235/40)
18 x 9.5 (275/40)

Fuel System:
Dual Walbro 255 Pumps


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Hey guys sorry its been so long since I've posted on this but.....Update! Not a very big one but it will do..

Here is when I got the motor from an owner who attempted to a 1jz swap

Tear down! Notice the nastiness :barf:

Paint :D

Belts/ Seals


Picked up an R154

A used 6 puck...


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Looking good. This is clints old car correct? Ill be following this build. Hope it cools down for you.
May be out for SIV next year. You guys seem to know how to build them right down there.
Yes this is Clint's old car. Thanks man, Its going to be a long time before the car is back to what it was before he parted it out but this is a start.

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Radiator Came in!

Got the motor on the stand

Albert came over and we tore it down to inspect the bearings and paint the block. The rod bearings looked amazing! Super happy about that

During the cleaning of the block we discovered a little problem :unsure:/>


I decided to paint a few other things and mock it up. Looks so tits

Cleaned up the upper pan.... took fooorrrrrevvvverrrrrr.

Took all the Sh*t back off, popped out the freeze plugs and replaced them


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I'm very please with the progress and that fact Jeff stepped up to take on such a project. I miss my old car everyday but I'll still be able to see it.

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Took the casings off the R154, cleaned and painted them. Took forever! Everybody that drove by looked at me like what the hell is this guy doing.

Bell housing came in so I painted it and slapped it on

Found a flywheel on Craigslist for a decent price, got ARP flywheel bolts put it on and mounted the trans


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After all the work making the twins look good, Albert talked me into going single. After trading a few parts he gave me this.

Borg Warner s256, AGP 4960 Anti-surge housing 4" inlet 2" outlet, Master Power .68 A/R Exhaust housing. :wackit:

Ordered a few goodies from DM. After waiting for what seemed like forever they finally came in!

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