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Midnight Hour said:
Actually, I figured you guys would say it was because it was rich, but my car actually runs very lean. Close to 13.00..... I know that's definetly not good for it, and I don't drive it hard at all to find out if a 13.00 a/f will kill an engine, but is there anything else that could be causing the smoke or is a 13 a/f still rich enough to cause black smoke?
well, if you're getting black smoke right when boost hits, what is your a/f right then? Is your 13.0 a/f at the top end or across the board? Because I would think that even if you're running leaner up top, once the turbo hits in the midrange--if it's a rich spot--you could see black smoke just for that instant..
And/or you could be blowing off carbon desposits from the motor. If that's the case, what is your oil consumption like? If it's slightly above normal, oil deposits/carbon build-up from on tops of the pistons could be blowing out, which could also look dark.
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