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Black Supra @ West GA

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Anyone know who owns a black mk4 supra with black rims that goes to west GA?
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is it wingless? there is guy in my town (lagrange) with a black mk4 with black wheels. i know he is college age. it might be him. its NA w/ 97 lights and a body kit.
it has the stock wing on it and it also has a bomex front bumper on it. It looks exactly like the supra in your sig. ^^
nope not the one i know then. it has a bomex bumper but no wing. the picture in my sig is a bit out of date. mine has a stillen front end now.

i've had my supra several years, and had only seen 1 or 2 in town. then wouldnt you know it, someone gets a black/ black wheels supra. i get people all the time saying they saw me or my car somewhere. my response is typically "i doubt it, it hasnt left the garage in weeks:rolleyes:"

i just hope he isnt out doing anything to attract unwanted attention from law enforcement. its hard to stay low key in a supra in a small town:agreed:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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