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I blew the piston rings on my car a few weeks ago and now have embarked a full build. The car currently has -

BL Built AUTO/PI3800 less than 1000miles (FS & pumkin/axle/driveshaft)
AEM EMS with 5 bar map
Titan motorsports Fuel system with 880 CC injectors
Boost Logic turbo kit with 71mm polished turbo
HKS Carbon Titanium exhaust
HKS 280 Cams
Brian Crower valve springs and retainers
HKS DLI Ignition
Blitz dual SBC boost controller
Precision FMIC
Autometer wideband and trans temp gauges in the dash
Chromed Throttle body with traction control delete
Chromed upper and lower intake manifold
Chromed valve covers
PHR Chromed upper radiator hard pipe
Titan 5 bolt cam gears
cusco rear strut bar(installed under carpet without cuttin carpet)
EGR blockoff plates

First off I am doing a complete 6 speed swap with a TRD LSD. My engine build is consisting of CP pistons and rings, manley rods, ACL bearings, ARP bolts everywhere, all new gaskets and of course machining. My heads are being freshened up with full ferrera everything (1mm over) and ARP head studs with a cometic HG. Kevlar timing belt, SP billet TB tensioner, TRD Tstat, Stoptech F&R rotors, SS brake lines, new paint for calipers(black-hides dust LOL), HKS turbo timer, custom Air/oil seperator setup with all high quality fittings, AEM boost gauge/oil press (match my wideband gauge), autometer sport comp black digital EGT gauge (best match with AEM's), PHR oil pump, new OEM water pump, new FMIC core (probably sticking with precision 825 (I'm not looking to make HUGE power or run race gas) and a twin disk clutch. Cant decide between an exedy twin or the OS giken triple. Yes I am keeping the HKS 280's because when my turbo goes I'll be getting a new 74mm. Well thats my build for now, hope the tranny I bought is in good condition (seller said it had 56k miles and no issue whatsoever) fingers crossed. Oh I also bought a set of Volk SF challenge's 18x10r and 18x9f typical offsets with BF KDW's 285r and 255f.

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That is how it came when I bought it. It is a seibon CF with no hood latches so they put those hideous ones in the middle, infact the ouside pins are hideous to. That is all getting replaced this winter; I'm going back to a stock hood or TRD style CF.
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