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BLitz DSBC on single turbo??

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I am using the Blitz DSBC on my single and I noticed a odd noise at high boost. It sounds like compressed air being turned on and off, I am thinking it is the solinoids opening and closing to controll boost, has anybody else had this problem? Hoping it is not a miss :(
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I've read your posts on the list... Did you have the DSBC hooked up to your twins? Did it make a noise then?

I don't hear any noises from mine...on the twins.

The real question is, can you adjust boost with the DSBC ratio(higher boost) and gain(slow or speed up the the ramp of boost, possibly for better traction control).

Maybe the big single is slamming it with more pressure that it can take, and more than the stockers were (since it made no noise then)....thus making a noise.

Anyone else with a BIG single and DSBC...does it make a clicking noise?

Maybe just someone can shine some light on this one!!!

"God Bless"
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We think we have it figured out, it would appear that when the boost is reaching the set limit(very fast), a second solinoid opens and closes very fast to bring the boost under control. The noise goes away if I stay in the gas : ) Couple things have made this possible 1) rps header is thinner than the other the air noise is more prominent 2) i have the veilside hood so there is nothing to dampen the sound of the engine noise.
oh and yes, it does control the gain, I have mine at 22 I belive stock twins are around 5 or so. Very handy for controling wheel spin.
That's right, gain...

So it's probably seeing more input boost than on the stockers.

Great to hear it works on singles...I like it!
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